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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (9/30/10) 9:30pm - ... wherein Spanish has miles of jokes before it sleeps.

This week's situation:  "You have been writing sketch comedy for 18 hours straight."

I don't even know what's funny any more!

Yo ni siquiera sé lo que es divertido más!

What do you mean, "the pancreatic cancer sketch isn't working?"  Pancreatic cancer is comedy gold!

¿Qué quiere decir, «el dibujo cáncer de páncreas no está funcionando?»  ¡El cáncer de páncreas es la comedia de oro!

I have become convinced that the word "cupcake" is inherently hilarious.  Cupcake.  Cupcake cupcake cupcake.

Me he convencido de que la palabra «magdalena» es de por sí hilarante.  Magdalena.  Magdalena magdalena magdalena.

What this show needs is a dead-on Perfect Strangers parody.

Lo que esto programa que necesita es un parodia exacta de Autenticos Desconocidos.

Who cares if we're five pages short!  The actors can just talk slowly!

¡A quién le importa si somos cinco páginas corto!  ¡Los actores se puede hablar despacio!

I'm guessing from my elaborate Sharpie moustache that I fell asleep for a bit.

Supongo que de mi bigote elaborar de Sharpie que me dormí un poco.

Screw it, let's just finish with ten minutes of a Billy Bass Singing Fish Rap Battle.

Al diablo, vamos a terminar con diez minutos de un batalla de rap entre «Guillermo Róbalo» peces musicales.

At least we're still funnier than Saturday Night Live.

Por lo menos estamos todavía más divertido que Saturday Night Live.

Note:  As always, these 'translations' are basically just Google Translate output, so corrections are welcome.

[Side note:  this weekend, I'll be co-writing a half-hour sketch-comedy show in 24 hours at Coldtowne Theater.  Come and watch!]

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