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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Tuesday (10/26/10) 2:07pm - ... wherein Peter responds to the "8 things" meme.

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Date:Thursday (10/28/10) 5:37pm
Instead of posting, I will just respond to stuff here. There's my response to your bit plus my stuff for you.
1. the free baby samples were delicious. too many people, i think, go for "dessert" first thing, when actually as a savory item they are much improved. From your wall: I still am jealous of your Improv Skillz and whenever I am next in Austin I want to see a show and meet some of these people I keep hearing stories about. *waves to improv-ers in lj-land)
2) today's weather conditions in Amman: SAND. vs. partly cloudy here. apparently we get sandstorms, so i'll be needing more glowsticks. For you: Cerulean.
3) DCBX may be the first one, but some of my favorites were from my first ABP. Thank you for talking me into coming. I was looking for the DCBX entry where I met you (you made some comment about introverted-ness, casting it in a negative light, which i promtply refuted) but i couldn't find it..
4) Interestingly enough, this squirrel is from Thailand and I will likely be visiting there relatively soon! For You: Possibly a ring-tailed lemur, but i will have to put more thought into it.
5) and the same to you. Lj-stalking and chatting with you, both, have brightened many days. many warm fuzzies to you, Mr.Peter.
6) Nickname: Squama. WAIT HOLY CRAP THAT WAS MY NICKNAME WHEN DID I TELL YOU THAT?? ...I will get back to you with a nickname.
7) I...to be honest, i've now moved into the freaking-the-hell-out stage. But, I mean, it's everything about it that's been exciting for me. In mid-august, i had no passport, and while i had technically been to two foreign countries (Canadia and Bermuda) my most exotic trip was Austin. Now I have two passports and one has a visa in it for Jordan with pretty Arabic writing. I'm thrilled to learn new foods and a new language, and to meet/hang out with/dance with new people. I'm going to travel, I'm going to take Argentine tango lessons at the studio down the street, I'm going to find an excuse to go to the older parts of the city so I get to wear a headscarf.
Just...having new adventures, I s'pose. every aspect of it. But right now I'm getting changed to go to my last blues dance in the US for a while, and I am Freaking Out.
I will think of a question for you and im it to you. =)
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Date:Friday (10/29/10) 8:07am

It's listed in your name on LJ -- so basically every time you comment on an LJ post, I get a message saying "Squama left a comment."
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Date:Friday (10/29/10) 8:24am
oh, right. phew. I forgot I had it there.
(Squirrel + Llama = Squama. The correlating friend's nickname was Monkey + Chinchilla = Monchilla)
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