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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (11/15/10) 2:08pm - ... wherein we all might finally learn the horrible truth about Peter Rogers.

It looks like John Buseman is planning to submit this show for one of the 15-minute slots at the Coldtowne Winter Lock-In:

Peter Rogers:  Secret Douchebag

You know Peter Rogers.  Improviser, writer, musician, dancer, friend to the animals.  He's beloved by all who know him.  When someone brings up Peter's name in social settings, it's always followed by remarks of what a funny, awesome, talented, and above all sweet and kind guy he is.

But who IS Peter Rogers?  In this one-time-only special, some of Peter's closest friends will bare their souls and possibly risk their lives to reveal to the world Peter Rogers' dirty little secret...

The dude's a huge fucking douchebag.

Horrible stories of Peter's secret life as a douchebag will be told.  Scenes will be acted out depicting his most unspeakable acts... all while Peter sits on stage and watches it unfold.
So:  if you'd like to make up a horrible, horrible story about me at Coldtowne, let me or Buseman know.

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Date:Tuesday (11/16/10) 8:05am
I might be up for that, actually 8^)
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Date:Wednesday (11/17/10) 12:27pm
I sooooo want in on this. This is Mo. Not "anonymous."
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