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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Saturday (11/20/10) 3:16pm - ... wherein Peter looks forward to improv in 2011.

Here are the announced 2011 improv seasons for The Hideout and Salvage Vanguard.

I'm very excited about these schedules.  Here are a few extra notes about them:

So, those are the shows.  Even if I got cast in everything I wanted to (a prospect which becomes less and less likely as the local talent pool gets better and better), schedule conflicts would make doing all those shows impossible.  Hopefully I can nab a cast spot here and there.  In the meantime, I'll keep doing Dancy Street gigs and (hopefully) Friday-night shows at the Hideout as well.  Plus, I'm slowly piecing together another "Dubbed Indemnity TV Party" for sometime in January.

And, let's not forget "Peter Rogers:  Secret Douchebag".


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Date:Sunday (11/21/10) 4:18am
High hopes make me nervous.
But I appreciate that people trust I will do it justice. I certainly know what I like about noir, and want to do it on stage.

And I'm also very disapointed that I can't do Showdown. I was seriously looking forward to growing out the beard and playing a dirty old-west something or other. Maybe I can guest or something...
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Date:Monday (11/22/10) 11:56am
Ditto. Al Swearengen lives inside my filthy heart, but I'm so incredibly interested in seeing noir done with care for the genre, instead of just throwing a bunch of cliches around.

This will prove to be an interesting, exciting, and insanely busy year all around, I imagine.
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