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... wherein Spanish nods knowingly, but hasn't a clue.

This week's situation:  "You are pretending to understand an incomprehensible avante-garde play!"

This is very reminiscent of Ionesco.

Esto es muy reminiscencia de Ionesco.

Obviously, the jar of poo represents regret.

Obviamente, el tarro de caca representa pesar.

This work raises lots of important questions about... stuff.

Este trabajo plantea muchas preguntas importantes acerca de ... cosas.

I could explain what that plot point meant, but first I'd have to give you a basic grounding in Lacantian theory.

Me podría explicar lo que significa punto de la trama, pero primero tendría que darle una tierra básica en la teoría de Lacant.

If I could have changed one thing in this production, I would have wanted just one more actor dressed as a magical badger.

Si pudiera haber cambiado una cosa en esta producción, me hubiera gustado un solo actor más vestido como un tejón mágico.

Oh, I was just chuckling at the obvious Roland Barthes reference.

Oh, sólo estaba riendo en la obvia referencia de Roland Barthes.

Thank god the nudity isn't gratuitous.

Gracias a Dios la desnudez no es gratuita.

Really, couldn't every play use more interpretive dance?

En realidad, no podía utilizar todas las obras más baile interpretativo?

Note:  As always, these 'translations' are basically just Google Translate output, so corrections are welcome.
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