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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (12/9/10) 1:33pm - ... wherein Spanish wonders who in their right mind would give E. T. for the 2600 as a gift.

This week's situation:  "You are meeting the Ghost of Christmas Past!"

Wow.  They bought me that shirt even though they knew Hypercolor was god-awful.

¡Uau!  Me compré esa camisa a pesar de que sabía que el Hipercolor era horrible.

I was a materialistic little monster, wasn't I?

Yo era un pequeño monstruo materialista, no fui yo?

I guess Christmas Muzak has *always* been annoying.

Creo que villancicos de Muzak ha *siempre* sido molesto.

That mall Santa who seemed so scary when I was a kid, I now find even scarier, for entirely different reasons.

Ese Santa del centro comercial que parecía tan aterrador cuando yo era un niño, ahora se encuentran aún más aterrador, por razones completamente diferentes.

My parents shopped at a lot of yard sales, didn't they?

Mis padres compraron en una gran cantidad de ventas de garaje, ¿no?

The tough thing about hitting puberty is that suddenly, your parents don't have any legal way to buy you what you really want.

Lo difícil de llegar a la pubertad es que de repente, tus padres no tienen ninguna forma legal de comprar lo que realmente quieres.

No!  No socks!  Give me stock in Apple!  Dammit, why can't they hear me?

¡No!  ¡Sin calcetines!  ¡Dame acciones de Apple!  Maldita sea, ¿por qué no pueden oírme?

If the year is 1982, then... then this store's decorations have only been up for *two weeks*!  It's a Christmas miracle!

Si el año es 1982, entonces... ¡entonces las decoraciones esta tienda sólo han estado funcionando durante *dos semanas*!  ¡Es un milagro de Navidad!

Note:  As always, these 'translations' are basically just Google Translate output, so corrections are welcome.

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Date:Thursday (12/9/10) 6:24pm
OMG, I'd totally forgotten about hypercolor - I thought those shirts were SOOO COOL and I totally wanted one but my parents thought they were silly and overpriced. (shakes fist at heavens) YOU WIN THIS TIME, SO-CALLED "PARENTS!" Just don't think for a second that it'll always be this easy...
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Date:Friday (12/10/10) 10:06am
I am very surprised and thankful that hypercolor shirts have not returned. I think the dance community would like them a little too much.
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