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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (12/29/10) 12:13pm - ... wherein Peter buys calendars.

Here are the calendars I bought for 2011:

For work, I picked up the "1,000 Places to See Before You Die Page-A-Day Desk Calendar".  Sure, I haven't travelled much lately, but I'm keen to learn little tidbits about geography, and the pictures look pretty.

Here's the giant poster calendar I picked up for the living room.  I still know very little about Ton Schulten beyond the wikipedia bit I quoted in 2008:  "His work has great commercial success, but is critically considered to be lightweight."  Ah well.  I'll enjoy the bright, stylized landscapes anyway.

Instead of the usual Archambeault Kentucky calendar, I went with one that's just nature photography.  "Trees" rank high on the things I miss about Kentucky.

Here's this year's Gorey calendar.  I don't think I've ever actually *read* The Deranged Cousins, but it should still be a nice bit of décor.

Yay!  I've been tempted to buy an architecture calendar for the last two years running; I finally made good on the threat.

I've been kind of cycling through the major 20th-century abstract artists from year to year (dammit, why is there no Stuart Davis calendar?), and this year, it's Kandinsky's turn.


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Date:Friday (12/31/10) 2:00am
haha, i'll note the absence of the swing syndicate pin-ups calendar. i admit, i was a little uncomfortable at the idea. i haven't bought one. i find pin-up calendars on the wrong side of "objectifying women," much less women i might know...!

i did buy a calendar from the US women's rowing national team (at least two of whom i know). it's less a pin-up calendar and more a photographic study in, as it is aptly titled, power and grace. well, we'll see if it lives up to its name when i get it. i sure hope it's not viewed as a pin-up calendar at work...could be awkward :p
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Date:Friday (12/31/10) 1:03pm
Yeah, I always felt a little awkward about the pin-up calendar.
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