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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (1/19/11) 12:05am - ... wherein Peter lists his improv gigs for the next couple of months.

Executive Summary:
In the next couple of months, I'll be doing a ton of exciting improv performances, once I finally STOP COUGHING.

Longer Version:
Here's a quick run-down of the improv shows I'm involved in lately....

Austin Secrets
I was supposed to appear in this improv show -- the Hideout production based on PostSecret -- for the first time this past Saturday.  Instead, I was still coughing up my lungs that night, so I stayed under quarantine.  (Not that I'm bitter or anything.)  In any case, my next scheduled appearance with them is on the 29th.  I will be shocked and dismayed if I am still sick by then.

The Coldtowne Winter Lock-In
This is a marathon of ten-, fifteen-, and thirty-minute shows that's happening at Coldtowne Theater on Saturday the 22nd.  Apparently I am going to be "the Saget" for a fifteen minute "Improvised America's Funniest Home Videos" that's scheduled for 11pm.  That is all I know about this project at this time.

Dancy Street Headlines the Threefer in Februrary
In February, my musical troupe, Dancy Street, will headline the "Thursday Night Threefer" at the Hideout Theatre.  It's a good deal -- you get to see us plus two other troupes for three dollars.  For this run, we're doing a Valentine's-themed show, and we're bringing in a different guest star each week.  See our events page for more details.

Guesting with The Sandbox
On February 12th, I'm guesting with the SVT show "The Sandbox".  Apparently that night they have something science-y planned. :)  Here's some more information about what kind of show it is.

Guesting With GGG
Starting in late February, Girls Girls Girls is putting on a run of Glee-themed improv at the City Theatre. Their troupe is pretending to be the Glee Club at an all-girls school, and every week they compete against a rival school -- that week's guest stars. For one performance, the 'rival school' will be played by Dancy Street! (Side note: this may not be my only guest appearance with "GGGlee", given that their other guests are the Puppet Improv Project and the Boys of Summer All-Stars. Stay tuned for further details.)

Violet Underbelly
To my happy surprise, I got cast in the Hideout's next mainstage show.  Violet Underbelly is improvised film noir, but they intend to do it in a non-cheesy, respectful-to-the-genre way.  We'll be rehearsing for the next month and a half, and the show goes up on Saturdays in March.

Puppets Headline the Threefer in March
Sara Farr continues her plans for the Puppet Improv Project.  We're getting ready to headline the Hideout Threefer in March, possibly with guest instructors coming to town and possibly doing Muppet-style puppetry -- which involves holding the puppet up above your head and watching it on a video monitor.  Yay new things!

The Friday Shows at the Hideout
The Friday shows at the Hideout continue rumbling along.  Every Friday at 8pm, they do a different 'pick-up game' show:  The Fancy-Pants Mash-Up, Pick Your Own Path, the Nightmare Video Project, and Dubbed Indemnity.  I'll appear in the Nightmare Video Project this Friday, and I'm busy putting together another "Dubbed Indemnity TV Party" for the 28th.  (I'm lining up some *fun* TV-show clips for this.)

After March, I expect things will quiet down a bit.  The following Hideout show (an Adam-West-style Batman show featuring Deano Jones) looks *really* entertaining, but I'd rather watch it than (try to) be in it.  gnap!'s next production, a Philip-K.-Dick-themed improv show, won't be 'til late May.

So odds are, I'll kick back for a while and catch my breath.



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