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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (1/20/11) 11:04pm - ... wherein Spanish shops for cool mirror contact lenses.

This week's situation:  "You have been temporarily blinded for the past week!"

Fetch me a slide guitar and some whiskey.  I need to express my troubles in song.

Tráeme una guitarra slide y un poco de whisky.  Tengo que expresar mis problemas en la canción.

At any moment, my other senses will heighten to compensate and OH GOD WHY DOES EVERYTHING SMELL HORRIBLE?!

En cualquier momento, mis otros sentidos aumentará para compensar y ¡¿DIOS MÍO POR QUÉ TODO HUELE HORRIBLE?!

Repeatedly flipping a light switch because "it doesn't seem to work":  still embarrassing.

Repetidamente dar a un interruptor de luz porque «no parece funcionar»:  aún vergonzoso.

"Calling in blind" at the office has yet to get old.  Not for me, anyway.

«Faltar al trabajo debido a la ceguera» no se ha hecho viejo.  No para mí, de todos modos.

I still misplace stuff constantly, so I spent half the day groping around for my keys.

Todavía pierde cosas constantemente, así que pasé la mitad del día a tientas por las llaves.

There has got to be a way to play "Angry Birds" by ear.

Tiene que haber una manera de jugar «Aves Enojados» por el oído.

Finally:  carte blanche to wear whatever the hell I want!

Por último:  carta blanca para llevar lo que el infierno me quieres!

Technically, at this point, everyone I hang out with is now a ninja.

Técnicamente, en este momento, todos los que pasar el rato con ahora es un ninja.

Note:  As always, these 'translations' are just Google Translate output, so corrections are totally welcome.  Click this link for an entire web site of Spanish situations.

[Yes, my friends' misfortunes are just grist for the comedy mill.  Get well soon, firth!]

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Date:Thursday (1/27/11) 11:04am
Aw... Thanks Peter!

(Just catching up on LJ now and seeing this.)
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Date:Thursday (1/27/11) 11:05am
*tips hat* :)
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