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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (1/27/11) 4:06pm - ... wherein Peter delights in the chance to discuss the software-development business.

My latest formspring answer:

What do you find is a bigger challenge in your business:  resistance to change or inability to focus? [1/19/11, by robbyslaughter]

I see two ways of answering this.

We can talk about "Which one is more harmful to your ability to do your job?"

In that case, it's a bit like asking, "Which is more harmful:  not eating anything or not drinking anything?"  The answer is "both kill you eventually".  If you can't focus, you can't do your day-to-day work, full stop, and you get fired very quickly.  If you are resistant to change, you only gradually become more and more useless, and you get fired much later on.  You can actually hang on for quite some time maintaining legacy code -- but many programmers would *rather* get fired than work as a maintenance coder.

We could also talk about "Which is more of a challenge for me?"

This is simple.  Focus is pretty easy for me.  I'd go so far as to say I'm *always* focussed when I'm at work, though there may be times when I'm focussed on taking care of some bit of improv business.  ("Compiling!")  Accepting change, I have more trouble with, as it usually requires lots of time to learn about what's changing -- and when I'm doing a bazillion improv shows, I put in overtime grudgingly.

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