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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (1/31/11) 5:28pm - ... wherein Peter posts a flu update.

Here's a quick update on where I'm at, health-wise.

I'm still doing much, much better than I was doing on Saturday night.  The congestion has gone away to the point that I'm breathing through my nose again.  I'm coughing maybe every twenty minutes or so, though I'm sure the Robotussin is helping with that.  I haven't had any nausea, thank god.

The main symptom I've still got is fatigue.  I think I slept for ten or eleven hours last night, and even then I've still had moments of "Whoa, I need to lie down for a bit."  So I've been taking things pretty easy and resting a lot.

Also, I'm not completely out of the woods, fever-wise.  Last night around 11:30pm, I felt a chill, so naturally I grabbed the thermometer to check my temperature for the zillionth time.  Surprise!  I was at 100.2°.  After a half-hour, it had gone down to 99.5°.  After another half-hour, I was asleep.  Today, my temperature has stayed normal, but it wouldn't surprise me if there were another little spike tonight.

At this point, I have three objectives that are kind of at cross purposes:  (1) I want to go out and start doing stuff again; (2) I don't want to get anybody else sick with the flu; and (3) I don't want to overexert myself and relapse into Shivering-pukey-land.

I'm getting advice that's all over the map regarding when I can safely go back to work.  My dad (ex-infectious-disease specialist) said I'd most likely be okay with going back a few days after the big fever incident.  The NI clinic told me that I could come in 48 hours after I started taking Tamiflu. The ER doc said I could come in as soon as I went for 24 hours without a fever.  And the CDC, ever cautious, says that you can still be infectious up to *five to seven days* after showing symptoms.

So, uh... what do I do?


Well, the ER doc told me to rest for a few days (IIRC), so I'm going to spend most of tonight and tomorrow in bed.  That part is easy.

After that, on Wednesday, if I've had 24 hours of no-fever, I'll go in for a half-day at the office.

As far as dancing goes, I'll just skip this Friday's dance.  Sure, I'll almost certainly be uncontagious by then, but blues dancing involves a lot of contact, and I want a completely clean bill of health before I do any of that.

The big unknown is:  what should I do about improv?

Here's what I have scheduled for this week:
Monday:  watch a movie with the noir cast
Tuesday:  Dancy Street rehearsal
        Dancy Street appearance on KOOP
        Austin Secrets rehearsal
        Noir rehearsal
Thursday:  Dancy Street performance
Saturday:  Austin Secrets performance

I know Monday and Tuesday are out.  But what about the rest of the week?  Which of these events would constitute too much exertion?  Which of them, even though I'm fine to go to work, would constitute too much of a contagion risk?

My gut instinct is to err on the side of caution (AKA "wuss out") and cancel on everything except the Austin Secrets show -- assuming I'm back to my usual jovial self by then -- and then just try not to lick anybody in that performance.

But jeez, I'm Dancy Street's contact person with the KOOP host on Wednesday, so I kind of need to be there -- grarr!

So that's where my head's at right now.  At least today I'm awake and asymptomatic enough to worry about such things.

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Date:Tuesday (2/1/11) 10:17am
hmm... also on the radio you wouldn't need to move around a bunch, or randomly be touching people, like a show or rehearsal... if that sways you...
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Date:Tuesday (2/1/11) 7:55pm
Yeah, I imagine I'll be there, but I'll probably not be singing/performing, unless I have a lot more energy tomorrow than I've had today.
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