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... wherein Peter writes some notes about Kansas City Confidential.

The noir cast has been watching noir movies lately, to prepare for the noir show.  I finished watching Kansas City Confidential the other day, and as I watched I took notes about things that might be useful to the show.  I figured I'd post my notes.

This is probably not of general interest.

  • "Casing the joint" shots -- always fun.
    • Check your watch and take notes while doing so
  • Chain smoking = win
  • Loosen tie (etc.) to indicate nerves, fatigue
  • Often, hiring a guy just isn't simple; requires convincing.
  • Remember the series of face-slaps.
  • The masks seem like a neat gimmick.  (See also:  The Dark Knight.)
  • Each member of the team has his own weakness.
  • Cut to the cops!
  • Montage!
  • Cop interrogations; we need to include them.
    • Good way to dump character exposition about the interogated
  • Can cut past police-brutality scenes.
    • *Imply* the really bad violence.
  • Use "cut to newsboy shouting headline" for recurring exposition.
  • Giving a low-status character a limp = useful
    • (or another physical handicap)
  • Reluctance to give out information = useful
  • Feels like it's good to leave questions out there because answers might occur to the people watching in the wings.
    • Everything's always more obvious to the audience.
  • "Boxcars!"
    • Probably need to review dicing/craps lingo.
  • "You've been givin' me the fisheye all night."
  • <slap>  "That's to teach you manners!"
  • Keep trying different strategies to get information.
    • Eventually, we decide one of them really does work
    • And that infoms us about the interrogated person.
  • Cigarette vending machines
  • Feeling paranoid while nearby cops go about their business.
  • It's like this turns into trippy game theory after a while
    • Which, I suppose, lurks in the background of lots of noirs
  • Remember that we can hit double-entendres harder than any modern flick does.
    • "What's a vacation without souvenirs?"
  • Yay, lady going to law school!
    • So this sort of thing is novel, but not unheard-of.
    • Still, it might feel 'off' to the improv audience?
  • Yay, souvenir salesgirl being really seductive!
    • This may be the first overtly sexy show I've been involved in since One More Night.
  • Evasive answers.
  • Poker games!
  • Uneasy alliances-of-convenience are useful.
  • If there is a romance where both partners seem sane, create some external reason why it's a Very Bad Idea.
    • e.g., the dame turns out to be the daughter of the crime boss you're trying to take down.
    • You can reveal it ahead of time, or bring in the betrayal after.
  • I'll be amused if we can manage a poolside scene.
    • \UST/
  • We can't be afraid of protracted silences, especially in ominous/tense/violent scenes.
  • Fistfights seem less overblown; more realistic.
  • Definitely need to offer to take someone on "a nice, quiet walk"
  • If we introduce an innocent character whom the audience likes, we need to take them into very dangerous scenarios.
  • "I'm gonna make like a father."
    • Don't forget about family relationships.
  • "You gave Harris the double-shuffle."
  • Always appeal to greed, when possible.
  • Grapple-fight to aim the gun to/away from your head = useful.
  • The good guy is corrupted at the end.
    • Doing something illegal for the noblest possible reasons, but still something bad.
    • It feels like a by-the-numbers happy ending, yet undercut with a future based on really big lies.
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