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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (2/28/11) 1:40pm - ... where Peter does a bulk-retweet.

Just posting a bunch of amusing tweets from Time TV critic James Poniewozik.

Two themes of tonight's #grammys: tall hair and fire. This will not end well.

Cannot wait until #Jeopardy tonight, when assassins time-travel from the future & try to destroy Watson.

When Trebek wanders over to the podium tonight, I wonder which amusing human enslavement anecdote Watson is gonna go with. #JEOPARDY

In any case, Watson will never be able to LOVE better than a human! Well, better than me. But not a human who's good at loving!

I beat the iPad at Scrabble. And on the "Normal" setting, NOT "Easy." So screw you, Watson!

J Bieber denounces abortion, lauds Canadian health care. Hey buddy, in the USA we practice ideological conformity. PICK A SIDE.

When I read a listicle, I think: Gee, thanks for publishing your notes. Maybe somebody can make a story out of them someday!

And yes, I have written listicles. #101ReasonsILoveBeingaHypocrite

You know what held the Beatles back from greatness? Not enough RUNS. #idol

Most NY Times feature-story headlines could double as crossword clues. ("Southern Pride, of a Kind")

Anne Hathaway just "WOOOOO!"ed a presenter again. Waiting for her to hold up a cigarette lighter. #oscars

Joke's on you, suckers: that guy accepting for Inside Job? ACTUALLY BANKSY. #oscars

At what point are we allowed to stop politely pretending that Gwyneth is a singer? #oscars

And the winner of The King's Speech Award for Best Picture is...

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