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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (2/28/11) 3:19pm - ... wherein Peter fights with clunky chat software.

Dumping some more tech-stuff here so that I won't bore people in person.

You'll recall that I'd had some trouble sorting out how to collate my chat histories.  I finally settled on installing Live Mesh Beta -- a file-sync program -- and running a java "IM-Merge" utility every month or so, as detailed here.

That worked tolerably for a long time, although there was a lot of uploading and downloading of huge log files.

Now, it turns out Microsoft is end-of-lifing Live Mesh Beta and replacing it with a file-sync solution that doesn't work on Windows XP.  I *could* upgrade my home machines to Windows 7, but I am lazy, and I don't imagine Windows 7 would work too well on my underpowered netbook.  Instead, I'll just drop Live Mesh and use Dropbox exclusively; Dropbox has the side benefit of sucking far less than Live Mesh does.

So that means I have to find a different solution for chat-history synchronization.  I just upgraded my chat client to Trillian 5, which claims to have chat-history-sync built in.  So far, the synchronization doesn't work:  I type an IM on one machine, and it doesn't show up on the other one.  (Maybe the feature isn't ready yet?  This *is* a beta, after all.)  I've filed a tech-support request with the Trillian folks; maybe something will come of that.

If this doesn't work, then I guess I'll have to make my current chat-sync setup work with Dropbox.  The problem I had with Dropbox before was that Dropbox will only sync the files in a single "dropbox" directory.  Trillian wants to store its chat logs in arbitrary, non-dropbox directories.  So now I have two options:
(1) leave the chat histories where they are, and install a windows tool that lets me make symbolic links and effectively put those chat histories in both the Trillian directory *and* the Dropbox directory, or
(2) just use the new feature in Trillian 5 that lets you specify where the log files should go.

So, my current plan is to first see if I can sort out why Trillian 5's built-in synchronization isn't working.  If I can't get built-in syncing to work, I'll just tell Trillian to put its log files in my Dropbox directory, and adjust my chat-collating software to deal with that.


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Date:Tuesday (3/1/11) 6:39pm
I am on Trillian 4.2. My chat logs are syncing via Dropbox between my two laptops. I am not sure how I set this up...
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