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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (3/3/11) 2:37pm - ... wherein Spanish has an absolutely foolproof plan to steal from the mob.

[Come to the Hideout Theatre this Saturday for the premiere of The Violet Underbelly: full-length improvised plays in the style of film noir!]

This week's situation:  "You are trying to get killed in a film noir!"

There's nothing I like better than a simple job for suspiciously high pay!

¡No hay nada que me guste más que un trabajo simple para un pago sospechosamente alto!

Ma'am, you're beautiful, determined, and 100% trustworthy.  I shall do whatever you ask!

Señora, es usted hermosa, decidida y 100% fiable.  ¡Haré todo lo que me pida!

Hey, look!  A hitchhiker!  Let's pull over.

¡Oye, mira!  ¡Un autoestopista!  Paramos.

Just because they're rich, powerful, and completely amoral doesn't mean they can make any trouble for me.

El hecho de ser rico, poderoso y completamente amoral no significa que se pueda causarme ningún problema.

Murder is the sort of crime where you really want a partner to work with.

El asesinato es el tipo de delito en el que uno verdadamente quiere un socio para trabajar.

Oh, sure, I can pull one last heist before I go straight -- anything to provide for my growing family!

Ay, claro, puedo participar una vez más antes de corregirme el camino -- ¡cualquier cosa para mantener a mi familia cada día más grande!

Why, yes, I'd love to go for a walk, mister criminal!

Pues sí, ¡me encantaría ir de paseo, señor criminal!

Yes, I know what happens to nosey people!  They get thanked by a grateful justice system!

Sí, ¡ya sé lo que pasa con la gente metiche!  Consiguen las gracias de un sistema de justicia agradecido!

Note:  As always, these 'translations' are just Google Translate output, so corrections are totally welcome.

Also, click this link for an entire web site of Spanish situations!

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