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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Friday (3/4/11) 2:31pm - ... wherein Peter answers the zombie meme.

A facebook meme from Jordan T. Maxwell:

Go to your profile.  The top 5 friends that are in the sidebar are now your team in the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.  How f*cked are you?
My assigned team:  Curtis Luciani, Ashley Roberts, Meghan Wolff, Patrick Daniel, Kaci Beeler

Things are actually looking pretty good for team flee-the-zombies.

We have a doctor (Ashley) -- zombie bites are of course incurable, but other injuries will be inevitable.  Plus, Ashley's capacity for distance running may come in handy; if the rest of us are overwhelmed by the zombie onslaught, at least Dr. Roberts may be able to flee to safety.  Then again, any zombie that gets close in will probably get hewn down by Ms. Wolff.  (Meghan + bladed weapon = WHIRLWIND OF BADASS ZOMBIE DESTRUCTION.)

I don't believe any of us have training in ranged weapons, though, which worries me.  (See, this is why we all want Marc on our team.)  Then again, I trust that Ms. Beeler would be sufficiently determined and clever to find guns and sort out their use.  Patrick may be our best bet to negotiate acquisitions of goods and services.

That leaves it to me and Curtis to provide necessary skills in obscure trivia (trust me, between the two of us, we'd mentally sponge up everything there is to know about zombies in about three days), and keeping spirits up with our good-natured banter.

So I'm guessing that collectively, we have pretty good odds on getting out of the city proper and making our way to the ad hoc civilian compound at Fort Hood.

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