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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (3/10/11) 2:13pm - ... wherein Peter posts the latest round of noir-rehearsal notes.

Here are a few notes from last night's noir rehearsal:

Also,  here's a recap of our run-through's plot (also posted here):

Years after turning state's evidence on Big Al, Harvey Rosenbaum had the nerve to show his face back in the city. Soon Butch was asking Harvey and Mike to do one last job. And when crazy Butch asks you to do a job, saying "no" is mortally hazardous to your health. Harvey liked breathing, so he said "yes."

Then ol' Harv got distracted by Eleanor, a dame from his past who was short on ethics and long on distraction. Harvey missed Butch's meet at the bank, and then all hell broke loose. They kidnapped his sister Lucy, forced Harvey to go through with the bank job the next day, and then tried to double-cross him. The plan was to take the money off Harvey's hands and leave him with a couple of slugs from a .45, but the plan went sideways. Soon it was Butch's girl bleeding out on the bank vault, and Harv on the run from the cops, from Butch's goons, and from every two-bit hoodlum who thought Harvey still had the bank money.

But Harvey went down fighting. He took down a crooked cop who wanted the cash for himself, and he got his own against crazy Butch, once right between the eyes. He sprung Lucy loose from her kidnapper (turned out to be Eleanor, the no-good, two-timin' broad), and soon the two Rosenbaum kids were driving hell-for-leather out to the country, to pick up their parents and put as many miles between them and the city as it took to feel safe again.

But even that went wrong. The cops chased them down -- Harvey shot first and didn't ask any questions. Some bang-bang-bangs on both sides, and then Harvey got away. He made it to his parents' place... but he got there alone. Lucy had been shot dead by the cops.

And who does Harv see at his parents' place but his old pal Mikey! It's always great to see an old friend, but then it's not so great when that old friend was secretly engaged to your sister, blames you for getting her killed, and wants to take the bank cash off your hands even if it kills you. Problem was, Harvey didn't have the cash. Bigger problem was, Harvey told the truth. Harvey got rewarded for his honesty with three slugs of hot lead sending him to the big nightclub in the sky -- and then poor Mikey went out the door straight into a fusillade from Johnny Law.

The End.

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