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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Tuesday (3/29/11) 9:39am - ... wherein Peter lists webcomics that he likes.

Here's a list of the webcomics I've subscribed to on Google Reader....

Peanuts with its fourth panel removed = serious angst.

Chuck & Beans
Typically in this webcomic, two adorable Shoebox Greetings characters explain why the Internet sucks.  This one has a lot of moments of "get OUT OF MY HEAD, cartoonist-man."

Everything Dies
A serious webcomic that explores religion -- here's one about a Polish nobleman who was executed for atheism.

F*ck Yeah Headlines
"Each weekday I find a headline on a major news site, and illustrate it without reading a word of the story."  (Example:  "Web site to pay $950,000 for Beatles piracy")

Garfield Minus Garfield
Garfield with the cat removed = serious angst.  Kevin and I write Garfield Minus Garfield, Explained as a riff on this.

Hark!  A Vagrant!
As the title implies, this is an odd little literary comic with entries like "Chopin & Liszt".

Hyperbole and a Half
Mostly stories about the cartoonist's childhood; most of the drawings are cutesy and adorable; most of the text is insane and disturbing.

Amusing little charts that explain aspects of everyday life.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
This is the sort of humor that emanates from exasperated scientists.

Stuff No One Told Me
Good-natured and amusing life lessons, without the smugness that usually goes along with such things.

Surviving the World
One man, a blackboard, and whatever is on his mind that day.

Toothpaste for Dinner
What xkcd might be if Randall Munroe had to put up with a lot more hipsters.  (Also:  the ambien walrus.)

A traditional three-panel comic about working in a library.

It might be redundant, subscribing to this, since every new comic shows up a half-dozen times on my facebook newsfeed.

Very excited and very profane monologs about scientific topics.  (For example, this post begins with "HOLY SNAPPING DUCK SH*T IT'S A MITOCHONDRION", only without the asterisk.)

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