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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (4/14/11) 11:19am - ... wherein Peter continues planning his trip to Minneapolis.

Towards the end of June (6/23-6/26), I'm going to travel to Minneapolis for the Twin Cities Improv Festival.  I'm attending as part of the Puppet Improv Project's presentation of their improvised puppet musical, Crack!

Since last time:
I've consulted around a bit, and the consensus seems to be to get a hotel downtown and skip renting a car.  Apparently if I have a hotel downtown, all the touristy things I want to get to are either within walking distance or easily accessible through public transit.  I'll still want a hotel with a fridge, but I probably don't need to worry as much about WiFi, as they have WiFi at the HUGE Theater.

I've made some headway on figuring out things to do during the day.  biscuitpig tells me there will be workshops during the day, so I'll attend some of those.  Michael Brockman has provided a list of touristy things to do:

I've only done a little research on restaurants -- I suspect I want to stop by Emily's Lebanese Deli and Manny's Tortas if I get the chance.  I'm still planning on stocking up at a grocery.

At this point, I mainly need to sort out my plane tickets and my hotel room.  The TownePlace Suites is about 30 minutes away from the HUGE Theater, but it's a straight shot on the #4 bus.  Location-wise, it's next to the Target Center.  It has a full kitchen and free WiFi, and looks like it runs $80/night before fees through hotels.com.  That looks like a clear winner to me, but I'm open to advice.

As for plane tickets, I guess the big decision is whether to stay through Sunday night or not.  We'd be talking about maybe another $100 in travel expenses.  Plus I'd burn another ½ day of vacation, and I don't get a lot of vacation time at my job.  The plane ticket, at this point, wouldn't cost significantly more for a Monday departure.

The only question, I guess, is whether I'll be weary & homesick by the time Sunday comes around.  It may wind up being the equivalent of the last night of a dance exchange, where only the hard-core people -- people I really don't relate to -- stay through to the end.

In any case, I need to decide on my flight *soon*.  Plane tickets have already gone up fifty dollars since last week.

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Date:Thursday (4/14/11) 3:25pm
I recommend getting a burger with an egg on it at Mickey's (I think) Diner, in St. Paul. Around the block from the SCIENCE MUSEUM!
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