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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Friday (5/13/11) 3:26pm - ... wherein Peter gets ready to narrate Pick Your Own Path.

Tonight I'm narrating the Pick Your Own Path show at the Hideout.  I've actually done this once before, but I figured I'd write down some of the host info, both to refresh my own memory, and to have a handy online document for other people who host the show.

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Date:Friday (5/13/11) 2:35pm
Something that makes presenting the choices easier, that I do about 2/3rds of the time is to go over the options twice... Prime the pump as it were:

And so, you are presented with a choice. You can either heed the old man's advice and hide, or attack the lizard with your slingshot.

"To heed the old man's advice and hide from the gila monster, clap now and turn to page fifty. To take your trusty slingshot and confront the giant lizard, clap now and turn to page fifty-one. Now is not the time for hesitation, so without a moment's pause you run out into the street and draw your weapon."

Otherwise, the audience isn't quite sure what the options are before they have to start voting.
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Date:Friday (5/13/11) 2:46pm
Thanks Roy!
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