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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (6/20/11) 9:05am - ... wherein Peter continues planning his trip to Minneapolis.

Plans for Minneapolis continue apace.

I've gathered info about dancing that weekend, so I'll play hooky from the improv a couple of times to visit the local blues-dance scene.  I've done some more prioritizing w/r/t tourist stuff and restaurants.  I picked up a ticket to the Friday TJ&Dave show before it sold out; I also bought a ticket to the Splendid Things show.  And I decided not to bother with trying to get a different hotel via priceline (I quite like the one I've got).

So I have a somewhat better idea of what touristy things I want to do:

But mainly, I just want to walk around the city.  Apparently Minneapolis is a good city for that.

As for restaurants, I don't have any "OMG MUST EAT HERE" ideas, though my fellow improvisors may have some ideas.  So I'll just keep a list of places to eat in case I wind up close by any of them at mealtimes.And with that, my trip starts to come into a little more focus.All that said, all travel plans are tentative, and I'll throw away any of this if fun-ner activities come along.

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