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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (7/14/11) 9:32pm - ... wherein Peter continues taking notes on 90210.

I've finished watching season one of Beverly Hills, 90210, and I've continued to take notes as preparation for gnap! Theater's upcoming run of Totally Improvised, 90210.  This time, I watched episodes 1x16-1x22.

This is probably not of general interest.

* "Schmuck bait" is okay -- that is, threatening an event that will in no way happen in the show continuity.
* The central characters are really good at spinning sensible-sounding justifications for really stupid choices.
* We could use a list of politicians from 1991.
        * Probably similar lists for other go-to things. (movies? albums? advertising slogans?)
* Again, all wit seems to be "repeating the last line of dialog with some sort of twist".
* Indeed, Kelly does flirt to get what she wants.
* This show has a high frequency of visible boom mics.
* We might do well to just list the A- and B-stories for a bunch of episodes, just to get a feel for how they relate to each other.
* Useful dialog:  "When Brenda gets it in her head to do something, trying to stop her just makes it all the more attractive."
* Any time we have any excuse to video something, , bring in David.
* Brenda bursts into tears:  "I don't even think I want to *vote* [in the school election]"
        * We need to remember that we can take absolutely *anything* incredibly seriously.
        * Another example:  Brandon shaking Andrea, shouting, "We're talking about a test [the SAT] you can retake twice if you want to!"
* Brenda may be the best at getting angry when complimented.
        * She just can't smile and say, "Thanks."
* You can always introduce new, random family members/friends that central characters have known for years & years.
* It looks like, for our Serious Teen Issue, we want excuses (teens reading an article about it; a doctor coming by with a speech; etc.) to just info-dump explosition about the Issue and the 'right'/acceptable attitude to have towards it.
* We need a big list of Brandon nicknames
        * He occasionally calls Andrea "chief"
* Teenagers telling secrets, "But promise you won't tell *anybody*" = useful.
* Ah, the dream sequences are becoming more frequent.
        * How do we cue a dream sequence to the rest of the cast?
* It seems like, for Brenda, the game is to notice all the things you let roll off your back, and deliberately freak out about them.
        * She fights really hard for autonomy, even whe nobody is threatening it.
* More ancient tech:
        * Extending the antenna on a cordless phone after you pick it up and turn it on.
* Another source of evil:  CIGARETTES!
* If we feel like a choice has broken the story in a bad way, there is show-precedent for retroactively making it a dream sequence.
* It's okay to explicitly call out the parallelism between the A- and B-stories.
* Can we use the "Rap Line", or is that just a season-one thing?
* Is Brenda ever wrong about anything?
        * ... or does she ever lose an argument?
* We need Steve drunk at some point.
* Brandon:  totally reluctant to dance.
        * At any dance, we need to segue from the fast pop song to the slow-dance number.
* If you ever don't know what to say next, it might be useful to open a line with "I have a confession to make..." and then see what happens.
* Have we played 'kiss or kill' yet?  We need to be sure most kisses are drawn out to maximum tension, no?
* We can always jump-and-justify an emotion.
        * If you're unsure what to do, just pick a mood and run with it.
        * We can discover why you feel that way later on.
                * With a reveal.
* Bringing most/all of the principals together for a conversation at the end of an episode feels really right.
* Jim's office has a speakerphone and a secretary.
* More of Dylan's nicknames for Brandon:  "B", "Slim".
* Useful Brandon dialog:  "You gotta see both sides of it."
* Not only did they have watches, their watches had *alarms*!
* Useful Steve dialog:  "Thanks, Brandon, for making me the great guy that I am."
* 90210 lingo:  "We have to leave." = "We gotta jam!"
* I will take any excuse to get Jim and Cindy dancing together.

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