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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Sunday (8/7/11) 8:56pm - ... wherein Peter continues taking notes on 90210.

I've started watching season three of Beverly Hills, 90210, and I've continued to take notes as preparation for gnap! Theater's current run of Totally Improvised, 90210.  This time, I watched episodes 3x01-3x08.

This is probably not of general interest.

* Season three *opens* on a dream sequence.  Boo-yah.
        * Immediately followed with Steve nailing down its relevance.
* Better dialog in S3, compared to S1
* Another form of 'humor':  tweaking commonplace sayings.
        * "Maybe absence will make his heart grow fonder."
* Steve:  "Hey, I'm not spoiled... I'm privileged."
* Setting up a storyline with a bet = useful.
        * Steve Sanders never backs down on a bet.
* Getting beach ambient sfx would be great for beach scenes.
* Kissing should always get electrical guitar accompaniment.
* Beach boss == all business.
* Huh.  A reference to the Rodney King riots.
* As a parent, remember that every rhetorical quetsion you ask a teenager gives them a shot at a witty rejoinder.
* Jim Walsh *can* be confrontational when need be.
* Assuming Brandon and Andrea are bf/gf = comedy gold.
* For the parents, confidently guessing wrong about what the kids are thinking/feeling is always a good move.
* Remember that, as Mr. Walsh, you almost always have the option of hating Dylan.
* Have we done many scenes of ~4-6 cast members sitting at the Peach Pit discussing things?
* Andrea's unrequited affection for Brandon is also useful.
* Again, cordless phones have antennae you extend.
        * Also, you turn on the handset.
* Do we have any cheesy neo-swing we can play at the Peach Pit.
* Always useful to give a character a secret.
        * And then all the other characters can pound on that secret.
* Nickname alert:  Brendan calls Dylan "chief".
* There's a transition where they do the following:
        1.  Cut to Brandon.
        2.  Start the audio of Brandon's dialog from the next scene.
        3.  Cut to a reaction shot in the next scene.
        * Is there a way to do the equivalent of this onstage?
* Seems like our central cast needs to have at least one big fight per episode.
* Ha!  Kelly philosophizes about the new baby, and *then* relates it to the upcoming Paris trip.
* I wonder what the synthiest sounds we can get out of an electric guitar are.
* Useful Dylan dialog:  "I can't, man, there's a major principle involved here."
        * Could be easy to jump-and-justify with that...
                * (... that is, identify the 'principle' *afterwards*.)
* Audio cassettes exist.
* Useful Steve dialog:  "There's a little proposition I'd like to float by you...."
        * Again, you can come up with the 'proposition' afterwards.
* Teens can lean heavily on statements that will hold FOR ALL TIME.
* Dylan even refers to his *own* father by name ("Jack").
* I suspect that any out-of-the-ordinary knowledge can be explained with "I read about it in a magazine."
* Brenda seems to default to telling people what to do.
* Oh wow, so we even get a stretch where Brandon is pining for Andrea, but she's having none of it.
* Always great to allude to a random charity/etc that an event is supporting.
* Dylan loves Casablanca.
* We sooo need a sports-montage somewhere in this run.
* Useful vocab:  use "bugging" for "freaking out"
* "I'm listed in Palos Verdes.  Why don't you give me a call sometime?"
* Hey, TWA existed back then.
* OMG even Andrea and Brandon have a secret handshake.
* I think any time we can force a teen to keep a secret, we've done well.
* Any time we can have teens tell baldfaced lies, I think that can help.
* Brandon:  "Steve, the way I look at it, anything you can't do out in the open ain't worth doing." (on doing things you'd be ashamed of)
* "Butthead."

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