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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Tuesday (8/9/11) 8:43am - ... wherein Peter posts a song that makes him happy.

Day 3:  A song that makes you happy.

The Nines, "Melanie"

When I ordered the Jellyfish box set from Not Lame Records, they threw in a compilation of power-pop artists, including this track (at #9, natch).  I played the CD in the car.  Within five seconds of hearing this track the first time, I was probably a danger to myself and to everyone else on the road, since the only thought in my head was, "Holy shit, this song is amazing!"

(Long ago, it was one of the ~3 songs I could play on piano.)

[This entry is part of the 30 Day Song ChallengeClick here to see all the entries I've posted so far.]

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