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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (8/29/11) 8:39am - ... wherein Peter posts a song that he wants to play at his wedding.

Day 23:  A song that you want to play at your wedding.

I'm going to completely cheat and list a song I do *not* want at my wedding:

Kool & The Gang - "Celebration"

I am totally cheating on this one.  Honestly, I've never figured I will get married, so I haven't given any thought to what they might play at this mythical ceremony-that-will-never-exist.  But I *do* know that I would not want to hear "Celebrate".  There was a stretch of a year or two where I heard it at every single wedding I attended.  Even when I went to a wedding of some friends who have excellent and unconventional musical taste, during the ceremony we could faintly hear... "Celebrate", wafting in from *another* wedding on the next hillside over. 

Sorry, Kool.

[This entry is part of the 30 Day Song ChallengeClick here to see all the entries I've posted so far.]

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