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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Tuesday (9/27/11) 1:26pm - ... wherein Peter gives the status of vacation plans.

Okay, just to get my stress levels under control, I need to write out where I am on all the little vacation-related projects.  I'll probably post this semi-regularly.

1.  Housing.  Last night I contacted Greenlight with my desired-apartment specs.  If they can't find (or are unwilling to bother finding) a one-bedroom in a decent neighborhood with full-size washer-dryer connections for an affordable price, I can always default to getting rid of my washer/dryer and living in Woodchase, which seems pleasant enough.  Also, I have an estimate from a moving company ($300 to move; $500 to pack and move).  Maybe I could do a chunk of the move myself over Thanksgiving, but I can cross that bridge later.

2.  Trumpet.  It looks like my current beat-up trumpet might not actually work, as a couple of its valve slides are stuck.  I suppose I may buy a used $300 model (which one music instructor says I should do anyway); if I then give up on it, I can re-sell it on ebay without taking too much of a hit.  I have no instructor lined up, though Rebecca will give me at least one lesson while she's on winter break, so maybe I put that problem off to January.  Meanwhile, I continue to look at youtube videos about embouchure and make strange blatting noises with the loaner.

3.  Piano.  Well, I already have an instrument, so I just need to sort out the instructor.  The musical improvisor from Live Nude Improv (Bradley) has offered to give me lessons at about the going rate.

4.  Finances.  My current plan is to transfer my banking to ING Direct, and set up a number of CDs for money I won't need to get to for some number of months.  Honestly, that can happen sometime next year, even.  The more pressing issue is that I need to sort out health insurance; unless I have a better idea, I'm going to coast off of Kareem's research here.

5.  Film Editing.  Still resolved on a high-end iMac and Final Cut Pro X.  Still figuring I'll work through the tutorials for Final Cut Pro X, and then cut together some more history sketches, and then maybe tackle the old Sketchville footage.

6.  Exercise.  I verified that riding an exercise bike doesn't cause big chronic-pain problems.  I'm still planning to buy one off of Craigslist.


Given that all of this kicks in after Thanksgiving, I don't think any of this is on an oh-god-no deadline yet.  That said, my stress level will go down significantly once I have a new apartment and a health-insurance policy sorted out.  So I guess that's what I should focus on for now.

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Date:Tuesday (9/27/11) 5:18pm
I support all of this. Let me know when your last day is. I'd like to take you out for a celebratory food-in-face session. I think they're called "dinner"
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Date:Wednesday (9/28/11) 8:13am
Excellent!  I suspect my last day will be 12/2/11.  I should sort it out for sure on Friday.
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Date:Friday (9/30/11) 1:14pm
Confirmed:  my last day is Friday, 12/2/11.
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