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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (9/29/11) 9:13pm - ... wherein Spanish wants to use all the features of the editing software, all the time.

This week's situation:  "You are teaching someone to edit film badly."

Really, every action is improved by 'the 300 effect'.

En realidad, toda acción es mejorar por «el efecto de 300».

The next step is to color-correct everything to be either teal or orange.

El siguiente paso es corregir el color de todo lo que sea turquesa o naranja.

Excitement beats clarity, so add a dozen more jump cuts to every action scene.

La emoción gana la claridad, por lo que añadir más de una docena de cortes abruptos en cada escena de acción.

Use all the shots with visible boom mics.

Utilizar todas las tomas con micrófonos de boom.

If it *can* be a star wipe... *make* it a star wipe.

Si *puede* usar una transición de estrella... *hace* una transición de estrella.

Tragic, understated scenes always work best at double speed, set to "Yakety Sax".

Escenas trágicas y discreto siempre funcionen mejor con velocidad doble, ajusten a «Yakety Sax».

You want to say something with your work, and that something is, "Hey, audience!  Look at me!  There's an editor at work here!  La la la la la!"

Que quiere decir algo con su trabajo, y es que algo, «¡Ay, el público! ¡Mírame! ¡Hay un editor trabajando aquí!  ¡La la la la la!»

Hey -- just because it's an industrial training video doesn't mean it can't also be an avante-garde, drug-addled fever dream.

Ay -- sólo porque es un video de capacitación industrial, no significa que no puede ser también un vanguardista, drogadicto sueño febril.

Note:  As always, these 'translations' are just Google Translate output, so corrections are totally welcome.

Also, click this link for an entire web site of Spanish situations!

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Date:Friday (9/30/11) 3:20am
The next step is to color-correct everything to be either cyan or orange.

Why, why, why do so many pros appear you agree with you there? *cries*
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Date:Friday (9/30/11) 3:04pm
Oops -- looks like I meant 'teal'.  But yeah, I figure this'll be how you can immediately identify films as being from ~2010 -- "oh, right, that's from just after they discovered digital color correction, and were overusing it egregiously."
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