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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Friday (10/7/11) 6:29pm - ... where Peter updates the status of his vacation plans.

Again, mostly to soothe my own concerns, I figured I'd rattle off how things are going with the plans for the Long Vacation.

(For my previous update, click here.)

I have housing sorted.  I will be renting out part of firth's house in south Austin.  I'll have a bedroom, a bathroom, and a study, we'll share the kitchen, and I can hang out in the living room when Kristin isn't using it.  So that's one big thing resolved; what's left is just logistics:  I need to cull out everything I don't want to move (including finally getting a big pile of documents scanned & shredded); I need to hire movers, or figure out if friends can help move my stuff; I need to sort out how we'll renovate the bedroom I'm moving into (related note -- need to figure out if Michael Thomas can paint it); I need to buy a bead curtain to cordon off my bedroom/bathroom area; I need to figure out all the changes of address I need to file.

I have an instructor lined up -- Josh Davies is a lecturer at Texas State who occasionally takes on new students.  He also runs a program for getting trumpets to disadvantaged youth, and has offered to help me find a passable $300-ish instrument in the next couple of months.  So I think that's put to bed, for now, unless I can't find a decent horn.

I'm holding off hiring on Bradley, for the time being.  I'm meeting with Brockman on Monday, and he'll likely sort out what I should do -- learn on my own, practice from a book, hire an instructor, etc.

No real progress, apart from cashing out my Flexible Spending Account.  It looks like ING Direct would be far and away the most lucrative choice for my banking (1% APY FTW), but going with a local credit union might be a more moral choice, so I'm undecided on that.  I still don't know what health insurance to buy, to say nothing of dental.  This is probably the most pressing thing to sort out, now that housing is resolved.

Film Editing
I still need to buy a high-end iMac (though I guess the iMacs are nearing the end of their development cycle) and sort out Final Pro X.  Still figuring I'll work through the tutorials for Final Cut Pro X, and then cut together some more history sketches, and then maybe tackle the old Sketchville footage.  No hurry on any of this.

I still need to buy an exercise bike off of Craigslist.  I figure I can buy any old thing to start with, and then later on, if I need one with particular features, I can sell it and buy a new one.


So that leaves health insurance as the only real "oh shit" item left on the list.  Music is more-or-less sorted, my next place-of-residence is sorted, and I know what I need to do for exercise and film-editing.  Basically I need to bang away at sorting out the financial issues, start the painful culling process on my apartment, and leave the rest of the to-do list for later.

Oh, also:  I might wind up doing the iO summer intensive next year.  Kristin offered me a discount if I leave town for a month, and my brother offered me the free use of his guest house in Wilmette.  Sooo... that might be fun.  (Also I could bother judovitch's brother and Chris O. Biddle and arclight.)  (Also also I could get some dancing in, as they have an amazing blues-dancing scene.)

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