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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (10/17/11) 9:36pm - ... wherein Peter has a question about Wi-Fi routers.

Here's an odd little IT question (or two questions, actually)...

I need to get my Internet addiction under control.  I waste way too much time pinging social-networking sites, email, what-have-you.  I had planned to address this at home by buying a footswitch, attaching my Wi-Fi router to the footswitch, and most of the time, leaving my router turned off.  No router equals no Internet equals no distractions along the lines of, "Oh, I'll just check this one thing on wikipedia...."

If I absolutely had to get to the Internet, then I'd have to actually walk across the room and flip a physical switch -- one that I know full well I shouldn't flip.  In practice, with setups like this, I almost never bother flipping the switch.  And so I get to do stuff I find rewarding (instead of pinging reddit), and I'm also not draining my willpower on not-checking-the-Internet every single second.

But now it turns out I'm going to be firth's tenant, and she and I will share a Wi-Fi router.  Another complication:  I might want to use my Roku box while I have the Internet turned off.  And yet another complication:  my phone would see that the network is turned off, switch itself over to 3G, and bang, I have the stupid tempting Internet available again.  Sure, I could switch my phone to "airplane mode", but then nobody can reach me on the phone.

Yes, I know these are first-world problems.  Anyway, here are my questions:

Question #1:  is there a way to make it so I flip a switch and then suddenly a set of Internet appliances -- computers, netbooks, smartphones -- can no longer access the Internet?

Question #2:  if I want to be fancier, is there a way I can make it so I flip a switch and then my iPhone is still hooked up to the Wi-Fi network, but can no longer access the Internet?

My IT-fu is weak; suggestions are welcome.

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Date:Wednesday (10/19/11) 8:45am
I know my router has mac address blocking, which would be able to prevent X items from being on it. I don't know how "switch flippy" it is though. It would probably require going to the router config page and manually entering/deleting the entries each time.
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