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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Sunday (10/23/11) 4:07pm - ... wherein Peter quits his day job.

Announcement time!  After another month, I will no longer be working at NI.

TAQ (Theoretically Asked Questions) About Peter's Job Stuff

What's going on?
I'm quitting my job on 12/2/11.

Oh.  Okay.  Um... what do you *do* for a living, anyway?
I work with user interfaces for a test-and-measurement programming language.

That made no sense whatsoever.  Use real words, please.
Here is a pretty good explanation of what I do.

What job do you have lined up next?
I do not have my next job lined up.

You're seriously quitting your job, in this economy, without another job lined up?

Oh.  Um... does that mean you've gotten yourself fired?  Or were you 'encouraged to leave'?
No; I've planned this departure date for a year or two, and gave my boss notice last month.

So you're frantically lining up another job, right?

I've got enough assets liquidated and set aside to get me by for a year or so.  My current plans are to spend at least a few months happily unemployed, and then figure out what I really want to do, career-wise.  Then I'll start hunting down another job, and that will probably take me a long, long time.

That must be a lot of money, right?  MAKE IT RAIN IN DA CLUB!
I have enough to cover the necessities, plus a chunk set aside for disasters, plus a small daily stipend.  But basically, when December comes around, I can't really spend much money on fun stuff, beyond what I've already budgeted for.

So you won't be spending money.  What will you *do* while you're unemployed?
I have a whole daily schedule planned out.  I'll mostly keep busy with artsy stuff:  music, film editing, and writing.  I'm hoping to also find time for exercise, blogposts, and occasional trips out of the house.

I'm planning on getting out of the house for a few hours a day, every day.  Basically, that means going out and doing one 'thing' per day.  If my improv schedule keeps up as it has, that 'thing' will often be a rehearsal or a performance.  Hopefully I can still squeeze in dancing sometimes.

On the minus side, this means that I can't really 'chain together' multiple social events:  I can't go have dinner with improviors *then* go to rehearsal *then* go dancing *then* hit the diner with the dance crowd.  Or if I have rehearsal Sunday night, then I can't go play soccer Sunday afternoon.  Again, I pretty much only have time for one 'thing' per day.

On the plus side, I *will* have some time to go out *every day*, so if folks want to hang out with me or vice versa, hey, I'm sure we can find a night that's free.

Are you planning any travel?
I've budgeted for two trips in the coming year.  First, I'm visiting my family in Louisville over Christmas.  Second, I'm planning to go to Chicago in July to take the iO Summer Improv Intensive(My brother is letting me stay in his guest house in Wilmette.)  I don't plan to travel beyond that until I find a source of income.  Travel is brutally expensive, and often I just don't get much out of it.

What do those "[Internet on]" bits mean on the schedule?
While I'm unemployed, I'm shutting off my connection to the Internet for a good chunk of the day.  I'll have a working Internet connection from 1:30pm-3:30pm, and from 6:30pm-11:30pm.  If you need to get in touch with me outside of those hours, call me on the phone.  Otherwise, just contact me online and I'll get your message when I log in.

I heard you're moving, too -- is that right?
Yes.  I picked my end date at work, and then discovered that my current apartment lease ended four *days* before that.  I figured that, after eleven years in the same apartment, I could certainly use a change of scenery.  Plus, I would no longer derive any benefit from living right next to NI, so I might as well move closer to everything else.  So, on November 27th, I'll start renting out part of firth's house in south Austin.  (Ooh, and if anybody wants to help me paint around 11/12 and 11/13, let me know.)

Why all these changes?  Why now?
The short answer is that my mom passed away a while back, and mortality has a way of focusing the mind wonderfully.

So that should cover the basics.  I may have some more philosophical things to say in the coming weeks.

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Date:Monday (10/24/11) 7:13pm
I admire you for doing that. Can't wait to hear more about your new adventure post December.
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Date:Monday (10/24/11) 8:36pm
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Date:Wednesday (10/26/11) 3:37am
Wow, sounds great :) May you find what you are looking for!
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Date:Wednesday (10/26/11) 9:49am
~ thank you sir! ~
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