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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Tuesday (10/25/11) 3:02pm - ... wherein Peter checks with how plans are coming along for the Long Vacation.

Here's another list of how things are going with my plans for the Long Vacation.

I'm still all set to move to firth's house at the end of November...

... but now I have to contend with *moving*, a big task with a lot of subtasks:

  1. I'm getting all of my paper scanned -- some 5,000 pages -- so I don't have to move it to a new place ever again.  At present, I just need to get the last batch taken care of:  a hundred or so charcoal drawings.  Apparently, a local shop would charge about $1,000 to scan them.  Eep.  I may see if I can just photograph them and leave it at that.
  2. I have a stack of old hard drives to get rid of.  I'll do that through work -- they recycle what scrap metal they can get after utterly destroying the drives.
  3. I still have to cull out what I want to ditch at Goodwill and what I want to sell through ebay or craigslist.  (Expect a long list of items for sale/free on the AIC forums this weekend.)
  4. I will paint my new bedroom on the weekend of 11/12.  I'm painting the walls Rock Garden and the ceiling Coastal Plain.  It looks like I'm not-exactly-stellar at painting, but I'm sure I can render the bedroom appropriately cavelike.
  5. I'm doing research on what flooring to put in this bedroom.  I'm thinking a dark, reasonably-priced laminate should fit my 'sleepcave' needs while staying within firth's budget, and a DIY install is perfectly reasonable.  Expect a post with further findings this weekend.
  6. I looked into getting the bedroom window tinted, but it looks like that done professionally runs about $250.  I may splurge on window-tint (really, "window-block-completely") when I have a source of income; until then, I'll find some simple and cheap way to stop all light from coming through the 3'x5' window.
  7. I'll spend the week before Thanksgiving shuttling most of my stuff over to Kristin's.  (I'll get as many moving boxes as I can from the office.)  Then I'm going to have Unicorn Moving take care of the main furniture on the 27th.  Ordinarily, I'd ask friends to help, but I'm on the third floor and I have a washer and dryer... it's spendy (albeit reasonable), but this job looks unpleasant.  Let the pros deal with it.
  8. I'm all set to have my current apartmentplex do a walkthrough on the 28th, over lunch.  It looks like there's no damage to the apartment beyond simple "somebody lived here" wear and tear, so I have high hopes of getting my deposit back.

Still have Josh Davies lined up as an instructor.  Still haven't bought a horn.  I see lots of instruments on craigslist, but I have no idea how to find a decent one.  If worse comes to worst, I'll default to picking up a used YTR-2335 on ebay or maybe a TR300.  Ooh, also there's a Gretzen 390 for sale that might be reasonable (*sends off email*).

With piano, it looks like I'll just practice on my own for a couple of months, at least, and see where I get with that.  I might pick up a digital copy of How to Really Play the Piano, which seems like it's strongly geared towards what I'm trying to learn.

My current plan is to open up a savings account with ING Direct, and move my checking to USAA.  Then I can schedule regular monthly transfers from savings to checking, and the system should pretty much run itself -- I'll get the best interest rate going with my savings account, and great customer service with my checking.  That said, I want to give USAA a chance to sell me on (say) short-term bonds or something.  If they can find something more (or equally) profitable to do with my money, I'm all ears.

Surprise!  My dad was a captain in the army and, in the late 60s, had an auto policy with USAA.  So that means I'm eligible for USAA policies.  And that means, come April, I'm going to drop my policies with Progressive and buy renter's, auto, and umbrella policies from USAA.  (It also means that my siblings and I might have been fairly stupid for not taking advantage of this, ever.)  Hooray for finally having insurance that doesn't suck.

That just leaves health insurance.  I've checked with Humana, and it looks like I can get a short-term policy with them that's similar to what museofchaos has, for about $100/month.  Still, I want to check it against this article to see where its 'gotchas' are.  In any case, if I pull the trigger on that, they can get me signed up in about a week or so.

Film Editing
I'm still set for getting an iMac fairly soon, getting it set up with Final Cut Pro X, and getting a copy of the old Sketchville footage to practice on.

No progress here:  I still need to buy an exercise bike off of Craigslist.  I can buy any old thing to start with, and then later on, if I need one with particular features, I can sell it and buy a new one.  Oh, and I need to make sure it's compatible with one of these.

July 2012
An added bonus:  it looks like logistically at least, I'm all set for doing the iO Summer Intensive next year.  firth has offered me discounted rent should I do that, and my brother has offered me the use of his guest house in Wilmette -- so I think it could actually work out financially.

At this point, I think all my preparations are reduced to a metric ton of separate little tasks to take care of.  (Hooray for Remember The Milk.)  The only big thing that still feels up-in-the-air is health insurance -- if that goes pear-shaped, then I'll pay quite a bit for COBRA while I sort out another policy.  A lesser concern:  I'm still not sure I can find a decent used trumpet.  But even with those, I'm on the case & investigating.

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