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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Tuesday (10/25/11) 3:35pm - ... wherein Peter keeps trying to digitize these pictures.

Executive Summary
Would any of my photographer friends be willing to shoot pictures of ~50 charcoal drawings?

Longer Version
In preparation for my move, I'm trying to digitize all the papers I've got lying around.  So far, I've dropped off about 5,000 pages with my office copy shop.  I'm now down to about a hundred 20"x25" drawings.  It looks like maybe half of those are sumi-ink and pencil drawings -- I can take those to Kinko's, get them shrunk down to 11"x17" for ~$10 total, and leave them with the office copy shop for digitization.

That leaves 50 or so 20"x25" charcoal drawings.[1]  Kinko's can't handle them, because the rollers on their scanning machines pick up the charcoal and streak it across the picture.  (I tried spraying the drawings down with fixative, but it didn't help.)  I can get Precision Camera to photograph them, but that will run me about $500, and I'm about to be a hobo.

It *seems* like it wouldn't be too hard to take photographs of them.  It would just require (1) a flat surface, (2) a bright light, and (3) a high-res camera that could be pointed down at said flat surface.  Am I right?

So:  can any of my photographer friends jury-rig a setup like that?  And if so, would you be willing to shoot these drawings for < $500?

[1] Side note:  CHARCOAL IS OF THE DEVIL.  If I take up drawing again, I'm buying a #*&#$#$ing *tablet*. #inconvenientmedium

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Date:Wednesday (10/26/11) 3:47am
i'll do it for less than peanuts, but i'm afraid doing it immediately might be tricky due to being busy for the next two weeks...

if you feel like spending money (<$200), we can rent some high-end equipment from a camera store for a day and get some really high-res photos. my camera only runs up to 10MP, and i have an idea of some really sharp lenses that might do your work justice if you think it's worth it.
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Date:Wednesday (10/26/11) 8:36am
Thanks!  I may have a friend with proper equipment who can help me out, but if that falls through, I'll bother you about rentals etc.
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