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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Saturday (10/29/11) 4:07pm - ... wherein Peter gets rid of lots of stuff.

Hi all!  I'm getting ready to move into a smaller place, and that means I'm getting rid of stuff.  I figured I'd offer everything up here for friends before moving on to Craigslist and ebay.

Free Stuff

First section:  stuff that's available for free to anyone who can take it off my hands.

Drawing table, 30"x42".  Elevates to about 30°, as shown.  Claimed by Halyn.

Sketchpads.  Two 18"x24", used but with lots of sheets left.  One 9"x12", new.  One 9"x6", used but with lots of sheets left.  Claimed by Halyn.

Puppet-Making Stuff.  Craft material for making a modified sock puppet.  Two 6"x6" pieces of gasket rubber (for the mouth), one 24"x18" piece of ½" foam, 20 oz. foam fill, 20"x60" maroon fleece (with matching thread),  36"x66" orange fleece (with matching thread), one thimble, one pack of needle threaders, one pack of sharps.  Claimed by Priscilla.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.  The Cordless Desktop EX 110 model.  More info about it here.  Claimed by Shane.

A Few Weights.  Two 10-lb weights, one 24-lb weight, and a barbell.  Claimed by Priscilla

Coffee Table.  Measures 50"x21" with the sides folded down, 50"x37" with both sides extended out (which makes it oval-shaped).  Claimed by Patrick.

Rechargeable Batteries and Charger
Seven 2500mAh AAs, four unknown-mAh AAs, sixteen 1000mAh AAAs, four unknown-mAh AAAs.  Honestly, I don't know which of the batteries are still good, but I imagine most of them are still usable.  Also getting rid of an MH-C204F charger, with its power adapter.
  Claimed by spamchang.

Cowbell.  Makes "tock" noise when struck.  Claimed by Priscilla.

Garment Bag.  The top of this 44"x25" bag has a short bar you can hang clothes from.  Then the whole thing folds in half and turns into a neat little suitcase.  Claimed by Andrew Pish.

Candelabra.  21" x 6".  You put candles on it.

Cheap Stuff

Now, here's some stuff that's available for not-free-but-still-cheap...

Fedora.  The Indiana Jones Wool Felt Hat I bought for the noir show.  Size:  XL.  Sells for $30 and up online.  Selling for $15.  Sold! to the Hideout Theatre.

Digital Camera.  The Canon PowerShot A570IS.  Details about it here.  Honestly, I suspect it goes through batteries a bit quickly.  Sells online for $75.00-$100.00.  Selling for $45.

Black Suit.  42L from MyCustomTailor.com.  Side vents, notch lapels, three inner pockets, single pleats.  Fabric:  "120 Cool Cashmere Tropical Light Weight
10% Cashmere 65% Wool 25% Synthetic 8.5 Oz."

Nape of neck to hem:  32½"
Underarm to wrist:  18½"
Top of shoulder seam to wrist:  27"
Waist:  34"
Inside Leg:  32"

Suits sell for various prices on ebay.  Selling this one for $30.
  Sold! to Ratliff.

Olive Suit.  42L from MyCustomTailor.com.  No vents, notch lapels, three inner pockets, no pleats.  Fabric:  "Super 110s English Virgin Cashmere by Scott and England (85% Wool 15% Cashmere 8 Oz.)."  Hand-stitched lapels and pockets, hand-basted full-front canvas, working buttons on sleeves.

Nape of neck to hem:  33"
Underarm to wrist:  19"
Top of shoulder seam to wrist:  26½"
Waist:  34"
Inside Leg:  32"

Suits sell for various prices on ebay.  Selling this one for $50.

Futon.  Black, wooden-frame futon, measures about 39" x 72", folds out to a Full bed.  Looks like futons in the area are running about $100-$150 on Craigslist.  Selling for $50.

iPhone 3G, 16GB, black.  Comes with Marware SportGrip™ case and protective film for the front face, also from Marware.  Has three dead pixels towards the top center.  Sells on ebay/Craiglist for $110 and up.  Selling for $75.

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[User Picture]
Date:Saturday (10/29/11) 6:34pm
Can the Hideout buy the fedora?
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[User Picture]
Date:Sunday (10/30/11) 12:10pm
Absolutely!  That would make me feel all warm & fuzzy.
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Date:Monday (10/31/11) 8:52am
Ooh, I'll go for the batteries :) And I promise to recycle them properly if/when they die.
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[User Picture]
Date:Monday (10/31/11) 11:00am
Cool!  I'll bring them to KBB on Friday.
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