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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (11/7/11) 1:31pm - ... wherein Peter throws one out to the hivemind.

Work email today:

Hello, funny people! Since we are getting our bonuses this week, we're running an article in NIWeb News tomorrow called "What Employees Are Doing with Their Bonus."

The article will be a collection of random quotes from employees about what they plan to do with their bonus. But we need some funny quotes (or at least not quite as boring as "pay off bills") and this is where you come in.

Can you send me a quick sentence or two today about what you plan to do with your bonus?

If you'd like your quote to be anonymous, just let me know.
#suggestionswelcome #okaywhotoldthemiwasafunnyperson

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Date:Monday (11/7/11) 2:50pm
Definitely should include the phrase "...about 15min later the mescalin kicked in, and that's when things got *really* weird."
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Date:Monday (11/7/11) 8:46pm
"And that's why you should always use reinforced racquets for strip badminton."

"Despite what you may have heard on the news, this is actually a great time to get in on developing sentient breeds of citrus."

"And that's why you should make sure the horse is properly anesthetized first."

"With the market for used industrial ships and secondhand weapons as low as it is right now, EVERY day could be Talk Like A Pirate Day!"

"And that's why I'm still paying off bills from what I did with my last bonus."
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From:R.A. Porter
Date:Tuesday (11/8/11) 8:59am
"Today I won't just ask for samples at the deli counter."

"I can finally afford to get my Flowbie serviced. I'm tired of getting shocked every time I trim."

"The guy who washes my windshield will be happy I can finally pay him off."

"I'm going to Epcot Center!"
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