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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (11/10/11) 6:17pm - ... wherein Peter recaps how the move/quit plans are going.

Again, largely to soothe myself, here's an update on how all the Long-Vacation plans are going.

Still set to move to firth's on the 26th.  Tonight, I'll pick up some painting equipment from Michael Thomas; Saturday morning, I'll buy a few cans of paint; and Saturday afternoon, I'll paint the bedroom that I'm moving into.

We're still making plans to redo the floor in there, though that's turning out to be more costly than either of us expected.  We've settled on a laminate we both like, and it's just a matter of (1) getting all the materials, and (2) either of us finding any time to actually install the floor.  (To say nothing of knowing how to do it.)

I've hired Unicorn Movers to move my large appliances on the 26th.  I assume that I'll move most of my smaller stuff into the garage or something during the week leading up to that, and then move the last few things on Sunday.

Meanwhile, I've been going through the Great Culling Of Stuff.  I have several sacks of useless things to dump at Goodwill.  Improv and dance friends have claimed a lot of the items I'm giving away.  The workplace copy-shop is churning through all my papers-to-digitize, and Bolden is dropping by on Monday to photograph some of my unscannable charcoal drawings.  I still have to dump the dead electronics at work, make the Goodwill trip, ebay my old camera and iPhone, and somehow get my futon over to the furniture consignment.

I have my checking account set up with USAA, and I will soon have a savings account, too.  I imagine I'll put the bulk of my "2012 money" into a short-term investment with them, but there's no hurry on sorting that out.

No progress on the insurance front.  I still need to check out this Humana policy that's similar to what museofchaos has.  I still need to set up renter's/auto/umbrella insurance with USAA come April.

I am all set w/r/t trumpet.  I'll be borrowing a King cornet from one of Chuy's friends for a month or two, and then shopping for my own instrument.  I'm still set to practice piano and guitar on my own.  I'll buy the new iMac in a week or two, and get the film-editing software after that.  Finally, I still need to buy an exercise bike.

At this point, my main worries are (1) sorting out the flooring for the bedroom and (2) making sure I have health insurance.  Everything else should be manageable, and none of it will cause too much of a crisis if it goes wrong.

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