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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Tuesday (12/13/11) 3:03am - ... wherein Peter posts the complete run of "Bellydancing Ninjas".

Okay, it only took me the better part of a year to get around to it, but I've finally uploaded the complete run of Bellydancing Ninjas!  This is a 40s-style audiodrama I wrote some years ago.  Last year, the Art Institute had me come in with some improv performers, and we recorded the entire six-episode run in their multimillion-dollar recording studio.[1]  Then, as a class project, students in the AI's longform audio class edited together the recorded dialog into complete episodes.  These are some of the best student projects, and they make up the complete run of the show.

Episode 1:  "Diamond of Danger"
Episode 2:  "The Lair of the Throat"
Episode 3:  "A Horrifying Plan"
Episode 4:  "Engines of Destruction"
Episode 5:  "A Desperate Counterattack"
Episode 6:  "A Shocking Betrayal"[2]

(You can also play the whole series automatically by loading the youtube playlist.)

Here's the cast list:
Andalib:  Emily Breedlove
Sadira:  Amira Pollock
Bakraj:  Matt Pollock
The Throat:  Kevin Miller
Doktor Vellnit:  Chelley Pyatt

majcher narrated the episodes.  Dave Shumway taught the class that did the first three episodes, and Julie Schlembach taught the class that did the last three.  If you just want the source mp3s, you can download them from here.

[1] Somewhere there are photos of the first recording session -- Kevin, do you know where those wound up?
[2] Episode 4 was put together by "Christopher & Sara". Haley Mills did episode 5, and Drew Alexander did episode 6.

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