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... wherein Peter posts notes about the Todd Stashwick Out of Bounds workshop.

These are my notes on Todd Stashwick's Out of Bounds workshop.

* Opening/establishing a scene start via *dialog* is *already* 'getting in your head'.
        * Instead, go with physicality.
        * This keeps you present and connected.
* "Predator mind" = a 360° focus on *externals*, not internals.
        * So you're not "coming up with shit".
        * Some predator-mind exercises:
                * passing snaps
                * freak tag
                * 1-2-3 games.
* Mayfly = formless = "Feed the Beast what it requires."
* Mirroring:  copy or complement.
        * You can do this in physical space.
        * You can also do this in 'emotional space'.
* Other exercises:
        * Fill in negative space en masse.
        * Create stage pictures en masse.
* "Rockets" = the permission/go game.
        * First, with a spoken "yes".
        * Then, with a nonverbal signal.
* Freeze = vaudeville 'take', then subtler (10 -> 6 -> 2)
* You can initiate things with just an observation of negative space.
* Think of "space substance" as mimed space that 'pushes back'.
* An exercise:  scene, tilt, then repeat everything to that point.
* What is character?
        * Character is predictable, repeated behavior.
* What is drama?
        * Drama is change.
        * Therefore, we need to antagonize characters.
                * This throws a wrench in their predictable, repeated behaviors.
* In a Mr Bean/silent scene, try to go to crazy-town.
* Exercise:  as a group, invent a children's game.
        * This is all about following patterns.
        * You can also invent a choreographed dance/ritual.
* Fundamentals:  give-and-take, yes-and, heighten-and-explore, mirroring, shaping space, transformation.
        * These are unseen principals.
* Components:  characters, relationship, action, objects, environment.
        * These are seen things.
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