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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (1/9/12) 3:42pm - ... wherein Peter requests a song.

So I contributed to Michael Joplin's kickstarter a while back, at the level that earns me "Joplin recording a hip-hop track about whatever I want."  This is what I sent him yesterday.

Hey Joplin --

A long while back, I kicked in (IIRC) $25 for your CD-pressing campaign.  Dunno if the statute of limitations has passed for the Kickstarter song-reward, but I finally some thought to what kind of song you might could record for me.  I'm gonna list a bunch of stuff below, and if it seems workable, great.  If not, let me know.  Or, if more/different info would help, let me know.


I'm hoping you could do a track that was like the improv game "slow lie" about a day you spent with me.  So:  it starts normal, with the mundane sort of life I lead, and eventually ends with (I'm thinking) a gun battle with the cops.  Somehow we both get out alive, and there's some implication that this is what every day is like for me.

I guess the obvious touchstones here would be "Rollin' With Bob Saget", and Dave Chappelle's ill-fated night out with Wayne Brady.

Kevin Miller has suggested the title (and perhaps tagline) "Peter Rogers Does Not Give a Fuck", and I think that would work great for our purposes.

Some stuff to try & include:
* I don't drink (I've never gotten to like/tolerate the taste of alcohol), so obviously this slow lie needs some heavy drinking.
* Ditto for drug use.
* And come to think of it, ditto for womanizing.  I date so little in either the improv or dance scenes that más womens = más funny.
* And ditto for guns and/or fistfights.
* I post frequently to twitter, with complicated hashtags.  If there's some way to work  #crossedthewrongmotherfuckertoday (read aloud, this would be "hash crossed the wrong motherfucker today") into the track, that would be sweet.
* A fun line of dialog to include:  "Do you know who I fucking am?!"

Really, any track that just included those things would make me v. v. happy.  Apart from that, maybe some general info about my life would be useful to you?
* I've programmed computers for a living all my life, but I've been out of work (living off savings) for the last month.
* I'm the most introverted and unassertive person you know.  Most of the time, I'm usually just sitting quietly around the house, writing stuff, with the cat nearby.
* Apart from improv, I usually go out dancing (usually to blues music, sometimes to swing) a couple times a week.
* Currently living in south Austin, renting a couple rooms out of Kristin's house.
* I drive an '04 Honda Accord.
* I play guitar, and I can barely clunk around on piano.  I'm learning trumpet.
* I mostly listen to harmless pop music.  Pet Sounds is a particular favorite.
* I like Middle Eastern food.
* Obviously I do a bunch of improv.  I guess I have a reputation for being a good musical improvisor and for doing a bunch of Hideout shows.

Well, that's all I can think of for now.  Hope all is well with you!

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