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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (1/12/12) 9:48pm - ... wherein Spanish starts a betting pool about whether it turns out to be time travel.

[In January and February, check out improvised Star Trek stories at the Hideout Theatre's Science Fiction Double Feature!]

This week's situation:  "You are reporting back to the Enterprise from the planet's surface."

I've dispatched a redshirt to investigate the screams beyond the spooky-looking ridge.

He enviado una camisa roja para investigar los gritos más allá de la cresta de aspecto espeluznante.

Captain, we've found a freakily-costumed guy with technology that far outpaces our own.

Capitán, hemos encontrado a un tipo en un traje extraño con una tecnología que supera con creces la nuestra.

Can I get a full report on 'diseases one might catch on the Pleasure Planet of Lorthos'?

¿Puedo obtener un informe completo sobre «las enfermedades se podría tomar en el planeta placer de Lorthos»?

Looks like yet another planet that eerily resembles 20th-century earth.

Se parece a otro planeta que se asemeja misteriosamente del siglo 20 la tierra.

The alien women have demanded to learn more about this earth practice we call "kissing".

Las mujeres han exigido extranjero para aprender más sobre esta práctica la tierra que llamamos «besos».

Our problems are multiplying faster than a tribble in a silo of quadrotitocalene.

Nuestros problemas se multiplican más rápido que un tribble en un silo de cuadrotitocaleno.

The Prime Directive says nothing about whether I can shag this planet's princess, right?

La Primera Directiva no dice nada sobre si me puede echar un polvo a la princesa de este planeta, ¿no?

Can't talk now -- fistfighting a giant lizard.

No puedo hablar ahora -- estoy boxeando contra un lagarto gigante.

Note:  As always, these 'translations' are just Google Translate output, so corrections are totally welcome.

Also, click this link for an entire web site of Spanish situations!

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Date:Thursday (1/12/12) 9:56pm
That is an admirable attempt to translate "quadrotitocalene"...
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Date:Thursday (1/12/12) 9:59pm
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