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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Friday (1/13/12) 1:53am - ... wherein Peter ponders hard drives.

Okay, I'm currently figuring out what to do about my computer storage/backup situation.

So right now I have three computers:  a PC desktop, an iMac, and an Asus netbook.

I think the PC is all squared away as far as backups go.  It has a 500GB hard drive, it makes regular backups to a 1TB backup drive, and everything is hunky-dory.

I'm not currently backing up the Asus netbook, which is bad, I suppose.  Then again, the only significant files on the netbook are in its Dropbox directory, so those are getting backed up everywhere else.

The iMac is more problematic.

It's problematic because the iMac is where all my video files live, and those files are huge, and there are a lot of them, and I'll need fast access to some of them, and they need to be backed up.

*deep breath*

So.  At the moment, once I go through and clean out my FCPX render files[1], I should currently have under 1TB of video files kicking around.  Fortunately, I also have a couple of 1TB USB drives kicking around, so I think I'll put a copy of my entire video backlog on each of those, maybe leave the second copy with a friend (in case the house burns down or kitteh goes on a hard-drive-destroying rampage).  Then, most likely, I never touch those drives again -- because really, what are the odds I'll want to do additional editing on a Maestro from 2010?  Not high.

So that leaves me with just my Mac, which should have about 200GB in use (of a 1TB total) on its internal hard drive.  I was thinking I could use my 2TB USB external drive as the backup for that machine.  And then I'm thinking I'll get a decent, fast, 1TB external Thunderbolt drive that I use for my *new* video files.

So I *think* at that point I'd have everything sorted out, at least for the near term.  I'll have a fast drive for my video editing.  The 2TB backup drive should accommodate my Mac drive and the video drive, at least for the time being.[2]


So this means that, in the near term, I need a good 1TB external drive for video editing.  Amy's advice was to get a Firewire drive that was not from Western Digital or LaCie.[3]  I suppose it should be 7200 RPM as well.  In any case, once I buy something, I could have it shipped straight to Amy, so she could load it up with Sketchville files and then send it on to me.

In the longer term (i.e. when I have an income), I'd like to also buy a ginormous slow drive (3TB maybe?), partition it 2TB/1TB, and back up both my desktop computers onto that.  Then I take the 3TB somewhere other than this house and leave it there as the "off-site copy".  (Again, in case the house burns down.)


[1] ... and I think I'll just delete the dozen or so iMovie projects I set up.  For some reason, iMovie transcoded my 3GB iPhone videos to 14GB transcoded videos, never saved the original files, and even saved the videos it uploaded to vimeo and youtube in huge, 15GB monstrosities.  (*facepalm* + IDEK.)  I'll download the final versions of those vids from vimeo, accept that I won't be able to edit them, and save myself about 300GB.

[2] ... assuming I keep tidying up my render files in FCPX, and also assuming I don't use iMovie.[1]

[3] I did some further research online, but I got kind of twitchy when one thread was weighing whether a particular external drive was a pretty-enough color or not.

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