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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Friday (1/27/12) 7:10pm - ... wherein Peter posts yet another Sketchwar thingie.

Some time ago, I participated in something called "Sketchwar".  Every Saturday, we'd pick a topic.  Then we'd all write a sketch that had to do with that topic, and post it the following Friday.  The next day, we'd have a new topic to work on, and so on.

I figured, now that I have time for such things, I'd start doing this again.  This week, I set myself the topic of "You left something behind."  If anybody wants to join in the Sketchwar fray (looks like Andrew Pish is participating -- yay!), next week's topic is "Naked!"

          FADE IN:
          INT. STORE ROOM - DAY
          TAGELLI (30s) and DAVEY (20s) look around a store room.

          A few shelves line the walls, and an empty pedestal sits in
          the middle of the room.  There are no windows, and only a
          single door.  There's a grated air vent in one of the walls.

          MR. ST. JOHN (50s) stands expectantly.

                              MR. ST. JOHN
                    I'm afraid this is beyond even your
                    powers of detection, Detective
                    Tagelli.  No way in, no way out,
                    and still:  the gem was taken right
                    out from under our noses.

                    Eh, it's worth a look around.

          Something on the pedestal catches his attention.  Tagelli
          walks over to the pedestal a closer look, taking out a
          magnifying glass.

                    No matter how good they are at
                    stealing, the bad guys always leave
                    something behind.

                              MR. ST. JOHN
                    I'll leave you to it.

          Mr. St. John leaves.

                    You found something?

          Tagelli has picked up something minuscule with tweezers, and
          studies it through the lens.

          Davey tries to get a look.

                    A hair.

          Tagelli notices Davey.

                    Well, don't just stand there, Davey
                    -- search the place!

          Davey heads off to look at the shelves.

                    Red.  Not dyed.  Short, so most
                    likely male.  And not smart enough
                    to use a hat to --


          Davey points at something on a shelf by the door.  Tagelli
          gets a closer look while Davey keeps casing the room.

                    Fabric.  Red.  Plaid.  Flannel. 
                    Expensive, from the thread count. 
                    And from the placement, I'm
                    guessing we're dealing with a

                    What's this?

          Davey picks a bright, fuchsia-colored feather out of the air

          Tagelli and Davey both stare at it for a bit.

          Davey hands it to Tagelli.

                    I... huh.  He.  He had a boa?  I
                    don't even --

          Davey finds something behind a shelf.

                    Now this is just weird.

          He drags out the object:  it's an axe!

                    ... the hell?

                    Oh, and it's got a note attached: 
                    "Ha ha ha, you will never catch me
                    Tagelli, because I am a big gay
                    lumberjack.  Ha ha ha ha."

          They both take this in for a moment.

          Mr. St. John pokes his head in.

                              MR. ST. JOHN
                    Progress, gentlemen?

                    I think you got robbed by a really
                    clever fourteen-year-old.

                                                        FADE OUT.

I have written good things before; I shall write good things again; this was not one of those things.  (I blame the dead computer for screwing up my writing schedule.)

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