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... wherein Peter has a cold.

Gah.  I have a cold.

It's not a *bad* cold -- it's just a sore throat and congestion.  Plus, neither symptom is all that severe, so I can keep them in check with pseudephedrine and dyclonine.  But still, there's no need to make the cold angry, so I'll take it easy for a few days.  No exercise today; no soccer tomorrow; large amounts of time spent eating warm bowls of soup and watching Doctor Who with the cat on my lap.

All things considered, this cold is actually pretty well-timed, since this is the last stretch of time for a while when I have no rehearsals and no shows.  So, I'll check out the Steam finale tonight, possibly go out for a bit tomorrow, but generally I don't *have* to go anywhere or do anything.

P.S. Gah, I hope I didn't get any other dancers sick last night.  If so, my bad.
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