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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (2/6/12) 5:03pm - ... wherein Peter posts a Weekly Media Update.

Movies:  <none>
TV:  Doctor Who [2007, 3x01-4x02]
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Doctor Who [2007, 3x01-4x02]
I'm continuing to watch this show as preparation for the upcoming run of The Professor at Salvage Vanguard Theater (and, frankly, as a means of keeping myself sane while I was sidelined for several days with a cold).  Again, I don't have much to say beyond the notes I posted and my blathering about the second half of season two.

Obviously, "Blink" is the best of this batch.  Moffat seems to be the only writer on their staff who enjoys playing with crazy time-travel logistics, and the result here is one of the best little puzzle-boxes of bootstrap paradoxes this side of Heinlein.  Also, there are Weeping Angels, which seem like a genuinely new (and creepy-as-all-hell) monster.  Also also, there is Carey Mulligan.

Still, I had a lot of affection for "Human Nature", mainly because I liked settling into its world of a prewar British boarding school.  It's rare that a Doctor Who episode has a setting that feels like it extends beyond the frame, or beyond the immediate needs of the episode's plot, but this felt like a genuine, lived-in community.

Finally, I find Donna to be a breath of fresh air.  After three seasons of pretty young things all a-swoon over the Doctor, it's nice to see a middle-aged Londoner who's not taking any of his crap (even [especially?] when the Doctor is doing nothing wrong).  Tennant's reactions -- which mostly seem to be irritated and nonplussed, but shy of outright anger -- feel genuine and true to life, and yet I don't often see characters who feel like that ("Well, I've got to put up with this person, even if s/he is accidentally hopping on my last nerve.") in stories.

Oh, and I finally read Javier Grillo-Marxuach's Middleman/Doctor Who crossover, which is well worth your valuable time if you're a fan of those shows.

For next time:  not sure.  More Doctor Who, I suppose.  And I'll keep listening to my audiobook of Rainbows End.  Dunno if I'll have any time for much else.

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Date:Monday (2/6/12) 9:48pm
Yes. I love Donna. After she's gone, they go right back to sexual tension land. I really liked how Donna would not take his crap, and how frequently she mentions that she has NO interest in him, romantically.
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