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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (2/13/12) 2:00pm - ... wherein Peter posts a Weekly Media Update.

Movies:  <none>
TV:  Doctor Who [2007, 4x03-5x03]
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Doctor Who [2007, 4x03-5x03]
[Side note:  it looks like Netflix Instant Streaming leaves the specials "Planet of the Dead", "The Waters of Mars", and "The End of Time" out of its Doctor Who continuity.  So I'll have to ratchet back after this, watch those, and catch up on the end of the Tenth Doctor's story.]

I don't have much to add this beyond what I've said in previous weeks.  I don't have a strong opinion one way or another about Matt Smith yet, though he feels like a good choice for "shape of show".  He already makes a very different impression than the previous two Doctors did, and I'm keen to see how they develop his character in the coming episodes.  Amy Pond is far and away the best-looking Companion I've yet seen -- and god bless the costume designer who's been putting her in miniskirt after miniskirt -- but I don't have a strong bead on her personality.  (I can't yet answer the WWAPD? question for various made-up situations.)

So I've just got a wait-and-see attitude here.  None of the first three stories impressed me much, but they're laying the groundwork for a solid series.  I look forward to getting back to what looks to be a Weeping Angels two-parter.

As for the rest of series four, it's a bit hard for me to judge, since I accidentally skipped over the specials that ended the series.  But the individual episodes were really strong.  What "The Unicorn and the Wasp" lacked in storytelling, it made up for in unabashed Agatha Christie fanboy-ing.  "The Doctor's Daughter" was surprisingly affecting, and is hopefully not the last we see of Jenny.  And Moffat did great work with the library two-parter, with a villain almost as creepy as the Weeping Angels, and time-travel logistics almost as fun as those in "Blink".

And then there's "Turn Left", which is just awesome for any Donna Noble fan.  Sure, they finish her off in the deus ex machina pileup that ends the series, but this is her real send-off.  Sure, it's affecting to watch the earth fall further and further into dystopia, but mainly it's watching the whole thing from Donna's point of view that makes it heartbreaking. 

But like I said, I feel like I can't really say much about series four as a whole until I watch those last few specials that were mis-filed by netflix.

For next time:  not sure.  More Doctor Who, I suppose.  And I'll keep listening to my audiobook of Rainbows End.  Dunno if I'll have any time for much else.

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Date:Monday (2/13/12) 3:08pm
I, too, wish we'd see more of Jenny. I mean, Christ, he MARRIED her, can't he persuade her to come back to the series?

I mean, I get it's a clear "just in case we need an out" to bring back another Timelord safeguard, but still.

I think I have the specials on blu-ray, if you're interested. I'll have to double check, but I'm pretty sure I got all of DT's run.

(Including him in Hamlet with Picard and Cassanova.)

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Date:Monday (2/13/12) 6:27pm
I may take you up on that -- it looks like "Planet of the Dead" is not available on netflix streaming :(
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