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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (2/22/12) 5:59pm - ... wherein Peter seeks Doctor Who outfit advice, & the use of a time machine.

Executive Summary:
Yarg!  I have just a few days to sort out my Professor outfit for the upcoming run of The Professor:  Improv Inspired by Doctor Who.  What should I do?

Longer Version:
Okay, here's the situation.

(Go ahead and let the entire Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song run through your head.  I'll wait.)

After this thread, I'd figured that I'd find the my take on the character in the first couple of Professor rehearsals, and then find the costume from that.  But we're two rehearsals in, and I didn't successfully make that happen.  Aaaand now it looks like we're having a photo shoot on this coming Sunday, so:  whee!  Time to scramble.

Soooo... what do we know so far?

Well, I'll be the fourth of their Professors.  The first three were Jordan, Ferst, and Pish (he of "sexy texts" fame) -- those links show how they dressed for their shows.  For the coming run, we're bringing Ferst back for a few shows, then I do a few shows, and then Karen Jane will follow me -- it looks like she's going for a "Stevie Nicks/eccentric liberal arts college professor" angle, costume-wise.  So it shouldn't be too hard for me to pick something that varies from those outfits.

Apart from that, I don't have a lot of guidance here, beyond of course the source material(Oh, and here they are as owls, because dawww.)  Personality-wise, I'm pretty sure I fairly scream 'Peter Davison', but I don't think I can pull off a celeraccessory.  *sigh*  I still have to watch more pre-2005 Who to see how I fit in among the early Doctors.

I'm told to include some color, either throughout the outfit or as a single highlight.  That should be easily doable.

Beyond that, I'm sort of in the weeds.  I've talked it over with Jen Blair, who's politely requested a suit of some sort, partly as a nod to Ten, and partly as a kindness to the ladies.  I'd like to find some photos of my grandfather and use those for reference -- he was a physics professor who did some work at Oak Ridge (post-Manhattan-Project, but still:  cool! and secret! and governmental!).

I'm inclined to go with the suit idea, though I think it would be neat if the Professor never quite gets it put together neatly.  I like the notion that he always looks a bit like he's at the last hour of the party, where everything is a tad slipshod.  That said, I feel like at least one of our Professors needs some conventionally-nerdy signifiers -- if I had more time, I'd order some cheap hornrims from Zenni.

Gah.  This is a challenge.  If I had more time, I'd have more options.  If I had lots of money to spend, I'd have more options.  If I had a stronger hold on the character, I'd have more ideas.  As it is, I'll just have to plumb through my (limited) closet, squeeze in some shopping time on Saturday, and hope this comes together.

Whovians, I welcome any suggestions at all, and if anybody can join me on the shopping adventure, I'd be beholden to ye.

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Date:Wednesday (2/22/12) 8:45pm
I like the idea of using an accessory that's not an accessory as a nod to Davison. Beyond that, I'm kind of useless. Good luck!
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