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... wherein Peter keeps sorting out his costume for _The Professor_.

Whew.  Okay, following up on Wednesday's post, it looks like the Professor publicity shoot is this coming Tuesday.  So, that gives me a few days to get things squared away.

I'm still leaning towards the look that I'm now summarizing as "Withnail & Doctor".  Currently, this equals the following:  tuxedo jacket, black slacks, black necktie (permanently very loose), black hat (fedora? bowler?), black "nerd glasses", *plus* a matching dress shirt (permanently untucked, top button undone ) and pocket square of some bright color.  I'm still undecided on shoes -- my gut instinct is to just use my beige Chucks, happily ripping off Five and Ten.  Hair should be a tousled mess.

Ideally, instead of the pocket square, I'd have some kind of bright , gaudy flower tucked into the jacket pocket -- that feels right-er to me somehow, and could serve as a faint nod to Five's celery.

Upsides I see to this plan:  to my mind, this definitely carves out a different look from the other people who've played the role, and I can feel a strong character coming off of it.  This is an outfit that makes me 'know' all sorts of stuff about the character right off the bat, and costumes don't often do that for me.  Plus it'd be comfortable.

Downsides:  mainly, it's way too Ten.  Also, black clothing tends to get eaten by the black background in a black-box theater -- I *think* the shirt-and-accessory will be bright enough to counterbalance that, but it's a bit dodgy.  And it's definitely not very professorial -- he's more like the guy at the party who will, at the slightest provocation, start yammering on about some abstruse startup he's just gotten going.  And the tux jacket, while it's unique, is not much of a 'hero jacket' that can sweep around my legs dramatically and make running look awesome.

Practical concerns:  so if I go with this ensemble, the two items I don't have are the hat and the glasses.  For the shoot, maybe I could borrow Lampe's black fedora.  Surely I could borrow glasses from somebody -- or if worse comes to worst, maybe somebody could nab a pair of theater 3D glasses for me.  Then after that I suppose it would be logical to buy the glasses from Zenni, and -- either borrow a hat (hey, it's just three performances) or buy one.

Also, honestly, the only properly bright dress shirt I have right know is my bright pink one -- which might work (it fits much better now than it does in that photo), but I might do well to shop for other options.

So:  I'd love to hear people's advice, even if it's just "bring us a different rock."
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