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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (3/5/12) 4:59pm - ... wherein Peter has an eSATA/PC question.

HELLO PC HIVEMIND -- hopefully this is a simple question.

I have an external hard drive with an eSATA connector.  I recently replaced my PC with a setup based on a M4A88T-M motherboard.  Problem:  the new motherboard doesn't have an eSATA connector in back for me to plug stuff into.

It does, however, have a whole set of extra SATA connectors on the motherboard itself.

How should I handle this?  Should I...
1.  Buy a PCI-based eSATA card? or
2.  Buy a SATA to eSATA plate bracket, and hook that into the motherboard's SATA connections?

Really, I just want the easiest & cheapest thing that lets me hook my external hard drive up to my PC.

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