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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (3/19/12) 11:34pm - ... wherein Peter posts a Whovian-ish speech.

I posted this to the Professor cast fb group, and I kind of liked it, so I decided I'd plunk it here, too.

So, our director posted:  "Okay, Professors, spin this so it makes humans important."

This was the reply I posted:

Oh! wow!  A 'million haystacks' argument!  Aw, I love those -- well, this one is a bit... I mean, it's dodgy, isn't it?  It's *nine* planets -- that nonsense about Pluto, best ignored -- closer to 200-ish billion star systems, and, whew, a *trillion* galaxies, once you account for all the dark matter.  Still, good effort!

But... here's the thing with the ones who argue like this -- the ones who say 'humans are too small to matter'... every time, they've never met the really 'significant' entities.  Like, oh, the Greater Grxl, or the Pulsar Hive Queen, or, oh, the Quagaar of the Anthracite Nebula.  The Quagaar! spans a whole nebula! and predates, well, *dating*.

And what does the Anthracite Quagaar *do*?


Massive power, massive size, massive longevity, and it spends its time quietly regularizing its crystalline structure.  It's secure in its 'significance', you see.  It knows it'll live forever, so it feels no need to do anything at any point in time.  It knows it's an absolutely massive part of the universe, so the intelligence just sits.  In repose.  Forever.

But a human!  A human knows from the first moment that the clock is ticking.  That the world is massive.  And they see this, and they don't give up!  They... they throw up cathedrals, they nail Fermat's Last Theorem -- with a proof that's absolutely more clever than anything the Tharcolites did -- and then they fling themselves into space in a big tin can with a calculator... they seek *meaning*.  Meaning, that never gets drowned out in numbers, and it never gets lost in vast distances.

They fight for this.  Even the jaded ones -- did you know this whole chart -- this one that you've got here -- was made *by a human*?  Humans themselves, making million-haystack arguments about themselves!  Brilliant!  And they do this because deep down, to them, the 'insignificance' just feels *wrong*.  Like the universe has thrown down a gauntlet to them.  And even should they refuse to take it up, well, that's a conscious choice they're making, and one that opposes their nature.

So that chart... don't you see?  That isn't a dismissal.

It's a dare.

This makes humans noble, and it makes them strong, and it makes them significant enough to *shake the heavens*.  The one thing that chart got right? is that yes, there are seven billion of them, and you have underestimated the 'significance' of every last one of them.

Still not too late to turn back, by the by.

One last bit:  over the last few centuries, these 'insignificant' humans have threatened the entire universe with... improbable regularity... and, just as often, they've saved it.

*sonics on the nearby TV set, which (by the laws of screenplays) shows a news programme with a relevant story/Big Reveal*


Don't you watch the news?

Our run premieres on Friday.  Fun!

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