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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Sunday (1/1/12) 1:06am - ... wherein Peter summarizes 2011.

This was an odd little year.

The executive summary is, "I took on too many commitments, so I ditched my job."  I put in a lot of time and energy on closing off this past chunk of my life and then starting the next one.

Artistically, it was a good year.  I performed in improv shows all over town, travelled to a festival for the first time, and helped *direct* a show for the first time.  I've gotten back into music, and writing, and I've started teaching myself video-editing.  And socially, it's been a good year, too -- I'm amazed at the social network I have here in Austin, and how often I get to see all those people.

In other ways, the year was kind of wretched.  The move was hell.  I spent most of January sick with one thing or another, until I finally got hospitalized for the flu.  Dating-wise, 2011 had abundant failure -- and what's worse is, I don't think I learned anything from any of it.  And really, the year didn't have any particular ambition, beyond "keep bobbing along from one fun thing to the next".

I still don't feel like I have any direction.  Sure, I'm *doing* lots of stuff -- I keep busy with everything I had planned to do[1] -- but when anybody asks me what I'm doing with my life, I feel kind of bewildered.  I haven't found some big dream to pursue here -- I'm just quietly puttering.

But at least walking away from something I didn't want to do any more constitutes some kind of improvement.
[1] Writing, improv, learning video editing, music (piano, guitar, & trumpet), and exercise.

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