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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (4/9/12) 9:04pm - ... wherein Peter has a question about a skillet.

Odd question today:  my landlord/housemate (Kristin) has this Chefmate 10" skillet:

She has vague memories of it being non-stick.  But whenever I use it, it behaves like "stick as much as technologically possible".  Unfortunately, I might be responsible for this; I do remember running the skillet once through the dishwasher *before* thinking, "Wait, isn't dishwasher-ing nonstick cookware a bad idea?"

My questions are as follows:
1.  Could a single run through the dishwasher strip a skillet of its non-stick coating?
2.  If so, is there any way to re-non-stick it?
3.  If not, what would be an appropriate replacement for this?

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Date:Monday (4/9/12) 8:17pm
Just to make sure because the picture makes it a little hard to tell - that is the one with the flat bottom, and straight up sides right?

I have no vague memories of it being non-stick (that was the... muffin pans?). Well, I mean, I do, but not any expectations that it is now. Bryan and I destroyed that pan by making it our pan that we can cook using oil in. The smaller black surfaced pan, and wok-style stir fry pan in the cupboard below are the non-stick ones.
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Date:Monday (4/9/12) 10:07pm

Mystery solved!

Aha!  Yeah, it is the flat-bottomed, straight-sided skillet.  Thanks!
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Date:Tuesday (4/10/12) 7:17pm
Seems you've already had your question answered. But I wanted to chime in anyhow: That looks like a standard stainless steel pan, and not a non-stick one. Oil FTW!
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